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A Robot Has No Heart

Éric Lavoie

What does it mean to be human? From being objects of terror to subjects of pity, a robot just may have a heart. Another collage by Eric Lavoie paying tribute to movie androids, Cyborgs and robots of yester...

Quebec 6 mins

After Taste

Xuan Trang Nguyen Thi

In a grimy back alley in Saigon, a film crew will do anything to get the footage they need—but choices have their consequences.

Vietnam 21 mins


Alien infiltrators and a portal between modern times and medieval Korea unleash a whirlwind of blades, bullets, brute force and arcane fury!

South Korea 143 mins

Amanda, Forever & Always

Joshua Mozes

Sci-Rom-Com taking place across infinite universes in one kitchen - After a long day at work, Amanda and Adam try to connect over plates of ziti. Amanda struggles to focus as she comes to a realization tha...

USA 9 mins


Joe Lebreux-Désilets

Aboard a convertible car in California, Anette experiences a fantasy adventure with a pickle-man.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Anima Possession

Wai Mo Chan

A woman’s relationship with her android girlfriend is destabilized after the lover realizes how little she has in common with her owner.

Hong Kong 25 mins

Anime Supremacy!

Kohei Yoshino

Two rival anime directors have new shows in the same prime-time Saturday time slot, but there can only be one number-one!

Japan 128 mins

The Anteroom

Elisa Puerto Aubel

In the near future, at the border of an unnamed any-country, a desperate refugee and her baby reach a customs holding chamber in a computer-operated cabin.

Spain 10 mins

The Astronaut and His Parrot

Arati Kadav

A space explorer adrift in the void wants only to say some last words to his daughter. A morbidly funny yet undeniably moving moment in time and space.

India 15 mins

Baby Assassins

Hugo Sakamoto

Two teenage assassins search for part-time jobs while battling a yakuza gang. A double-barrelled blast of action-comedy!

Japan 95 mins

Black Hole

Jamie Parslow

When a miniature black hole shows up Eddie's (Aaron Moorhead - The Endless) house, he has to learn to deal with it. But as time passes, his obsession with the anomaly grows, and he begins to dance with dan...

USA 8 mins

Black Out: Mafia Game

Hyunggu LEE

A round table of distinctive characters, each obsessed with one of the five senses, participate in a social deduction game with very high stakes.

South Korea 10 mins


Bryce Hodgson

Things are not quite what they seem for young Olive. After finding her beloved uncle has unexpectedly passed, she must come to terms with her grandmother's failing health.

Canada 6 mins

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Halina Reijn

A movie murderama for the social-media generation, in which plenty of emotional violence is meted out before and after the first corpse falls.

USA 93 mins


Stephen Kang

Twelve-year-old Jaehee has an unexplainable gift for connecting with the interior energies of others.

New Zealand 13 mins


Gabriel Auclair-Doucet

Jean-Guy is madly in love with Brigitte, his new inflatable doll. What he doesn't know, is that something wicked may come...

Quebec 10 mins

Bug Bites

Daniel DelPurgatorio

Some house guests are a real pain in the ass.

USA 8 mins


Maziyar Khatam

A young man's reluctance to let go of a trivial encounter leads him to seek retribution.

Canada 3 mins


Sam Max

An unnamed figure picks up a young man in his car. As the two drive together, and settle into an austere rental house in the country, the details of their arrangement become guttingly clear.

USA 16 mins

Chilli Laugh Story

Coba Cheng

The heat is truly on—Chiu Chiu Chiu chili sauce might be too hot to handle! Hong Kong comedy served up spicy!

Hong Kong 90 mins


Yoon Jong-seok

A truly thrilling joyride of a murder mystery, elevated to exciting new levels as its flashbacks are cleverly reconstructed.

South Korea 105 mins

Country Gold

Mickey Reece

A sojourn into country music's dark, dirty, and strange world, brimming with stories within stories, flashbacks, music, and even an incredible animated sequence.

USA 82 mins


Sam Rudykoff

With sweat-soaked skin, in a state of mortal fear, a man is forced to make lame telemarketing calls to strangers.

Canada 7 mins

Dark Glasses

Dario Argento

A blind sex worker finds herself under siege by a psychopath in Dario Argento’s first feature in a decade.

France, Italy 87 mins