The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Canada)

Canadian Premiere
Selection 2022

Chilli Laugh Story

Directed by Coba Cheng



Coba Cheng


Coba Cheng


Ronald Cheng, Sandra Ng, Edan Lui, Gigi Leung


We Distribution

Hong Kong 2022 90 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese

Working from home during the pandemic has driven Coba, his family—and most of Hong Kong—stir crazy. At the very least, is has the city craving some spice with their take-out! Coba’s family is originally from Chaozhou, where generations relish—and endure—a special Chiu Chow chili spice on most occasions, no matter how heat or humid. His mother has been making this sauce instinctively for years. When Coba realizes that he might have a goldmine on his hands, ever the entrepreneur, he decides to take the family’s secret recipe online. The "Chiu Chiu Chiu" sauce is born and the family's tiny home soon becomes a business headquarters. All seems rosy and trouble-free until the business grows, and Coba faces an offer he can’t refuse, with the extended family’s petty jealously only adding fuel to the fire. The heat is truly on—Chiu Chiu Chiu might be too hot to handle!

Spice up your funny bone with this hilarious comedy about family, perseverance, and food, from first-time director Coba Cheng—himself a precocious hot-sauce entrepreneur turned filmmaker! Familiar comedy faces from Hong Kong cinema, including Ronald Cheng (the guy who did the sexual thing with the mule in Fantasia Audience Award winner VULGARIA) and screen legend Sandra Ng (PEKING OPERA BLUES, JULIET IN LOVE)—who also produced the film—demonstrate their comic timing in full force. A full-course meal served alongside poignant dramatic scenes reminiscent of the very best Chinese New Year comedies, combined with endless sauce shenanigans (spicy hands, anyone?), CHILLI LAUGH STORY comes to Fantasia extra spicy, hot on the heels of its Hong Kong release! – King-Wei Chu