Nongshim America INC

Canadian Premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Yoon Jong-seok


Official selection

Fribourg International Film Festival - International Competition
Oporto Internacional Film Festival - Directors Week/Oriental Express - Best Film Award
Udine Far East Film Festival


Yoon Jong-seok


Yoon Jong-seok


Yunjin Kim, So Ji-sub, Nana, Hwang Sun-hee


Lotte Entertainment

South Korea 2022 105 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English

Yoo didn’t kill his mistress! Or did he? Released on bail, Yoo escapes into a retreat with his mysterious new lawyer, Ms. Yang, who has never lost a single case. The clock is ticking before the judgement at court. The path to victory involves him confessing every finite detail for her to construct an infallible defence. However, Yoo still has some hesitancy with full disclosure. As the events leading to the murder emerge, it appears that the lovebirds were also involved in earlier foul play that triggered a vengeful party with unfinished business. Will Yoo survive the night—and the judge?

A truly thrilling joyride of a murder mystery, elevated to exciting new levels as its flashbacks are cleverly reconstructed, director Yoon Jong-seok’s second feature has taken the famous Spanish film INVISIBLE GUEST, reinvented the ending and embellished the story with incredibly subtle nuances, while it all moves along at a brisk pace. Imagine a film-noir version of SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD meets the final season of DEXTER. A stellar showcase for two leads who try to outwit each other, including So Ji-sub (also in ALIENOID at Fantasia this year), who can seamless shift through different personalities in flashbacks, making us unsure who to really trust, and Yunjin Kim (J.J. Abram’s LOST), effective in her cold and stoic performance yet conveying strong emotion. CONFESSION was the closing film at Udine Far East Film Festival, and Fantasia’s closing argument in this high-stakes case is, don’t be guilty of missing this one! – King-Wei Chu