Japan Foundation

Montreal Premiere
Selection 2022

Baby Assassins

Directed by Hugo Sakamoto


Official selection

Fantastic Fest 2021
Saskatoon Film Festival 2021
Toronto Japan Film Festival 2022
Fantasporto 2022
Glasglow Film Festival 2022


Jury's Special Award of Orient Express Official Section of FANTASPORTO


Hugo Sakamoto


Hugo Sakamoto


Mone Akitani, Saori Izawa, Masanori Mimoto, Yasukaze Motomiya, Akari Takaishi


Well Go USA Entertainment

Japan 2021 95 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre ComedyAction

“Just pure fun”

Working the cash register at a convenience store? Cooking food at a nondescript diner? Serving up sweets and smiles at a maid café? For cheerful Chisato and mopey Mahiro, two teenage girls with opposing personalities, the options for the part-time work they seek aren’t all that appealing. After all, they’re already making good money as a pair of ruthlessly efficient killers for hire. The policy of their shadowy employer, however, requires that upon graduation from high school, they each develop a cover story. That means sharing an apartment and finding menial jobs. At the same time, they’ve run afoul of a psychopathic yakuza boss and his bratty son and daughter. As the conflict escalates and the blood starts to flow, will Chisato and Mahiro get the job done?

As startling and ferocious as it is hilarious and endearing, the second feature film from writer/director Hugo Sakamoto is a hybrid he calls “comic-action”, and BABY ASSASSINS delivers on both fronts. Leads Akari Takaishi, a popular star of anime stage musicals, and Ayaori Izawa, a busy stuntwoman (KINGDOM, SNAKE EYES), stun and amaze when the combat kicks in, but are no less engaging in the slices of quotidian comedy in between. There’s a natural ease to the banter and buffoonery. And when the bullets and body blows start flying, internationally renowned action choreographer Kensuke Sonomura (HYDRA, MANHUNT, LIBRARY WARS) makes sure they connect convincingly. A double-barrelled blast of Japanese action-comedy! – Rupert Bottenberg