World Premiere
Selection 2022

Country Gold

Directed by Mickey Reece

Hosted by Mickey Reece, director and writer, Kassie Gann, actor & Peter Kuplowsky, executive producer.



Mickey Reece

Executive Producer

Peter Kuplowsky, Zac Locke


Kassie Gann


Mickey Reece, John Selvidge


Ben Hall, Mickey Reece


Country Gold

USA 2022 82 mins OV English
Genre ComedyFantasy

It’s 1994 and two country-music legends meet in Nashville. Troyal (Mickey Reece), an up-and-comer from Oklahoma who likes his steaks well done, and the washed-up, viper-tongued George Jones (Ben Hall), who has decided that he wants to have himself cryogenically frozen. The prolific Mickey Reece is back at Fantasia with his latest, COUNTRY GOLD, a darkly comedic sojourn into country music's dark, dirty, and strange world. Brimming with stories within stories, flashbacks, musical sequences, and even an incredible animated sequence, Reece packs COUNTRY GOLD with delirious and delicious action. As it blends wilful American naivety with the ever-present threat of violence, the film has you at the edge of your seat, offering the promise of great laughs and catastrophic confrontations.

Mickey Reece stars as Troyal, the “good ol’ boy” eager to meet a country music legend, and is joined by long-term collaborator Ben Hall, who delivers an improbably demented performance as the legendary George Jones—channelling with gumption the wild and free energy of the country music scene. No stranger to Fantasia, Reece has become a fan-favourite with CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER and AGNES in 2020 and 2021, respectively. COUNTRY GOLD showcases his consistency as one of America’s greatest indie filmmakers, and his diversity—the ability to translate his unique voice to different environments, eras, and tonal registers while paying tribute to the strange, alluring world of modern American mythology. Part David Lynch and part RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, COUNTRY GOLD is a singular and strange film that defies all expectations. – Justine Smith