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The Breach

Rodrigo Gudiño

The tranquil forests of Northern Ontario hold unknown horrors for a smalltown police chief and his community.

Canada 93 mins


Tara Thorne

La sécurité des femmes est primordiale dans une communauté où une improbable justicière réserve aux agresseurs le sort qu’ils méritent.

Canada 81 mins

Cult Hero

Jesse T. Cook

Chaos finds a quiet suburban neighbourhood when a cult threatens a control-freak realtor’s marriage.

Canada 94 mins

Dark Nature

Berkley Brady

A spiritual retreat to deal with past trauma puts five women in the path of danger deep in the forest.

Canada 85 mins

The Fight Machine

Andrew Thomas Hunt

Two young men from different walks of life change their fate on the dusty floors of underground fighting.

Canada 104 mins


Matthew Manhire

Two young men being pressured to pursue wrestling by their grandfather have an experience that liberates them, while blowing their grandpa's mind.

Canada 6 mins

The Fore-men

Adrian Bobb

Weeks after a mysterious time-compression event violently splices environments from the past into the present, two survivors encounter the foreboding figures responsible for the event and experience firsth...

Canada 15 mins


Eva Everett Irving

A young, dispassionate couple inherit a Bavarian chalet. They invite an old friend for dinner, but mysterious letters appear around the house, descending the evening into chaos.

Canada 13 mins

Love You, Mama

Alexandra Magistro

After the sudden death of her father, a young woman becomes haunted by the uncertainty of the world around her.

Canada 20 mins

Mom vs. Machine

Tesh Guttikonda

When Kamal’s adult son introduces a 3D food-printing appliance into their home, it shatters her maternal identity and forces her to go on a journey to heal old wounds, rediscover herself, and literally bat...

Canada 14 mins


Brian Quintero

On Christmas Eve, two associates Richard and Lawrence come together to celebrate the holiday season.

Canada 15 mins

One of those Good Lives

Joe Carney

When the young, white and unencumbered Steve (Sean Depner - Riverdale, Deadly Class) is hit by a truck, he awakens in a cavernous and decaying opera house.

Canada 8 mins

Out in the Ring

Ry Levey

The pageantry of the wrestling world hides the real challenges of fighters from the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

Canada, USA, United Kingdom 105 mins

The Protector

Lenin Sivam

A troubled past leads a young woman to a small town with secrets, where she learns of a mysterious legend.

Canada 94 mins

Relax, I'm From the Future

Luke Higginson

A time traveller, a queer punk rocker, and a ruthless time agent bumble through a plot to save the world, or… something like that…

Canada 94 mins

Where the Witch Lives

Mariel Sharp

After moving into an old isolated house with her newly-single mother and her little sister, 12 year old Cassie begins to suspect that her family is being tormented by the spirit of a sadistic River Witch.

Quebec 15 mins