World Premiere
Septentrion Shadows

Cult Hero

Directed by Jesse T. Cook

Hosted by Director and Screenwriter, Jesse Thomas Cook, Actor and Screenwriter, Liv Collins and Actors, Jess Vano and Ry Barrett.



Jesse T. Cook


Craig Shouldice


Kevin Revie


Ry Barrett, Justin Bott, Tony Burgess, Liv Collins, Jess Vano


Kenny MacLaughlin

Sound Designer

George Flores


Adrian Ellis


Mike Gallant

Special Effects

Jonathan Craig


Collingwood Film Company

Canada 2022 94 mins OV English
Genre HorrorComedyAction

Dale Domazar (Ry Barrett) is a washed-up private investigator and “cult-buster” whose last cult bust resulted in a mass suicide. Kallie Jones (Liv Collins) is a realtor who needs to control everything. With her husband Brad (Justin Bott) sleepwalking through life, Kallie is certain a stay at Master Jagori’s (Tony Burgess) retreat for men will help their marriage. But when Brad extends his stay against Kallie’s wishes, she suspects he’s been indoctrinated into a cult and calls Dale for help. This moment couldn’t have come at a better time, giving Dale a chance to redeem himself with this “Karen” lite, and—you guessed it—mayhem ensues, especially when they discover Master Jagori’s sinister plan.

Jesse Thomas Cook’s MONSTER BRAWL was a frenetic monster and wrestling mash-up, screened at Fantasia in 2011, and it was nominated for Best Canadian Feature. He’s back with another over-the-top comedy with the World Premiere of CULT HERO. Cook co-wrote CULT HERO with the film’s stars Collins and Burgess, blending parodies of reality TV and self-help experts with a kooky “Karen” type who just may find some redemption if she can give up her Type-A personality to chaos. With countless gags, lots of gore, and outrageous performances from Barrett and Collins as unlikely partners in cult-busting, CULT HERO bursts off the screen with absurdly nutso energy. – Carolyn Mauricette