World Premiere
Septentrion Shadows

Dark Nature

Directed by Berkley Brady

Hosted by Berkley Brady, director & Michael Peterson, producer.


Official selection

Frontières 2021
Cannes Marché du Film 2021 | Fantastic 7 Project


Berkley Brady


Berkley Brady


Hannah Emily Anderson, Madison Walsh


Epic Pictures

Canada 2022 85 mins OV English
Genre HorrorThriller

Joy (Hannah Emily Anderson, JIGSAW, X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX) is a survivor. After leaving an abusive relationship, she needs to regroup. Stricken with flashbacks of her volatile ex six months later, her best friend Carmen (Madison Walsh, DON’T SAY ITS NAME) encourages her to go on a retreat to heal. It’s no ordinary retreat—they’re hiking into the Rocky Mountains to face traumas holding them back. Led by Dr. Dunnley (Kyra Harper, ORPHAN BLACK), a specialist in helping trauma survivors face their demons, and joined by two other women, Tara (Helen Belay) and Shaina (Roseanne Supernault, THE NORTHLANDER), they all have to deal with a past. The trek into the wilderness might be the thing to help them move towards a better future, but Joy isn’t at ease and thinks her ex-boyfriend is following them. The women also find discarded items of past hikers on the path, and hear strange noises. Soon, vivid flashbacks and nightmares afflict Tara and Joy, and when Tara goes missing, Joy is convinced there’s something darker afoot, and the trauma they strive to leave behind is only the beginning.

As a part of the Cannes’ Fantastic 7 for 2022, DARK NATURE is a highly anticipated first horror feature for Métis director Berkley Brady. She masterfully creates a suspenseful atmosphere, and the fraught performances from Anderson and Walsh, plus the score from the band Ghostkeeper, heighten the anxiety as danger closes in. Fans of survival horror won’t want to miss the surprises hidden in DARK NATURE. – Carolyn Mauricette