World Premiere
Septentrion Shadows

The Breach

Directed by Rodrigo Gudiño

Hosted by Rodrigo Gudiño, director, Andrew T. Hunt, executive producer & Pasha Pitriki, producer.<br>



Rodrigo Gudiño

Executive Producer

SLASH, James Fler, Jacquelyn Frisco, Gregor Habsburg, Allan Hawco


Pasha Patriki, Andrew Thomas Hunt, Michael Paszt


Ian Weir, Craig Davidson


Emily Alatalo, Natalie Brown, Wesley French, Allan Hawco


Eric Oh




Mikaela Bodin

Special Effects

Dylan Griffin


Raven Banner Entertainment

Canada 2022 93 mins OV English

Just before he leaves for the big city, Chief of Police John Hawkins (Allan Hawco) is asked to consult on a strange case. A body is found in a boat on the Porcupine River with unsettling the wounds. It’s a find that shakes up the small town of Lone Crow and a job for local coroner Jacob Redgrave (Wesley French). They begin to suspect the remains are of a missing physicist, Dr. Cole Parsons (Adam Kenneth Wilson), and Hawkins is forced to revisit old ties with his ex, Meg Fulbright (Emily Alatalo)—the town’s charter-boat captain who knows the waterways like the back of her hand. She takes Hawkins and Redgrave to Parsons’ leased house, where he conducted secret research deep in the woods. When they arrive, they find the home in disrepair, with an indescribable heaviness and a strange machine in the attic. Parson’s missing daughter and a visit from his grieving wife Linda (Natalie Brown) put the investigation deeper into mystery, and more secrets revealed push everyone to the brink of danger.

Based on the Audible original book by Canadian horror author Nick Cutter (aka Craig Davidson), THE BREACH is Rue Morgue president Rodrigo Gudino’s second feature film. With a new twist on the classic haunted house, spiced up with a touch of Lovecraft, chemistry between Hawco and Alatalo, and Brown and Wilson’s intense performance, audiences can look forward to drama, gory prosthetics and an eerie, suspenseful atmosphere in this skin-crawlingly good horror. – Carolyn Mauricette