World Premiere
Septentrion Shadows

The Fight Machine

Directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt

Hosted by Andrew T. Hunt, director, Craig Davidson, writer, Dempsey Bryk, actor, Greg Bryk, actor, Michael Ironside, actor & Pasha Pitriki, producer.



Andrew Thomas Hunt

Executive Producer

James Fler, Andrew Thomas Hunt, Michael Paszt


Pasha Patriki


Craig Davidson, Andrew Thomas Hunt


Dempsey Bryk, Greg Bryk, Noah Danby, Greg Hovanessian, Michael Ironside

Sound Designer

Matthew Harrold


Mike Trebilcock


Mikaela Bodin

Special Effects

Crystal Reeves


Raven Banner

Canada 2022 104 mins OV English
Genre DramaAction

Paul (Greg Hovanessian) and Rob (Dempsey Bryk) come from different backgrounds. Paul is rich, reckless, and left to his own devices, while Rob is a sensitive kid, close to his working-class family. Rob’s father, Rueben (Greg Bryk, BITTEN, BLOODTHIRSTY, THE LOST SYMBOL), toughs it out as a baker and runs a boxing club where Rob and his uncle Tom (Noah Dalton Danby, SHE NEVER DIED, BITTEN) train daily. They want Rob to make it as a boxer, and he has the physical strength and prowess to do it, but not the will. After being pummeled one drunken night while clubbing, Paul decides to take up boxing with an oldtimer coach named Lou (Michael Ironside, TIN CAN, KNUCKLEBALL). The sport is an outlet for Paul’s frustrations, something to make him forget his privileged background and soon makes him a formidable opponent—good enough for him to enter the world of bare-fisted fighting. With every TKO, his defeated opponents bring him closer to a life-changing crossroads with Rob and his family.

As one of the founding partners of Raven Banner Entertainment, Andrew Thomas Hunt has produced countless genre films but has also donned the directing hat for SWEET KARMA in 2009 and SPARE PARTS in 2020. Hunt takes on directing for a third time with THE FIGHT MACHINE, where he co-wrote the screenplay with acclaimed horror author and screenwriter Craig Davidson (RUST AND BONE), adapting his novel The Fighter for the screen. This dark drama boasts moving performances by the real-life father-son unit of the Bryks, Hovanessian, and Danby—plus a grizzled turn by Canadian favourite Ironside. With nods to film noir with a touch of fantasy to examine toxic masculinity, THE FIGHT MACHINE questions whether we can change our destinies. – Carolyn Mauricette