Out in the Ring

Directed by Ry Levey

Hosted by Ryan Bruce Levey, director, Sonny Kiss, actor as self, Bertrand Hebert, actor as self, Pat Laprade, actor as self, Dani Jordyn, actor as self, Darren Dean, producer & Scooter McCrae, Composer and Executive Producer.<br>


Official selection

Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022


Best Canadian Feature, Inside Out 2S LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022


Ry Levey

Executive Producer

Cassandra Levey, Kris Levey, Scooter McCrae


Darren Dean, Ry Levey, Brad Webb


Reiza Clarke, Kaitlin Diemond, Effy, Susan Green, Bertrand Hebert, Sonny Kiss, Pat Laprade, AC Mack, Mike Parrow, Paul Pratt, Dark Sheik


Michael Galinsky, Justin McConnell, Adam Sekuler, Greg Sommers, Tom Swindell

Sound Designer

Shawn Duffy


Scooter McCrae


Brad Webb


RBL Films

Canada, USA, United Kingdom 2022 105 mins OV English
Genre Documentary

Flashy, melodramatic, and over the top—these words easily describe the professional wrestling world. Extravagant costumes, makeup, and plenty of exposed skin are just a part of the scenery in the ring, and with that comes sexuality. Half-naked performers grappling on the mats for a sparkling belt is top-tier theatre where drag, ballroom culture, and homoeroticism are front and centre. For many fans, it’s what wrestling historian Vandal Drummond calls “just wrestling,” but there are deeper connections to queer culture. You’ll find them in the documentary OUT IN THE RING. From Pat Patterson, Mexico’s Los Exóticos, to The Hells Angels and beyond, the players in professional wrestling used their craft to express themselves, taunt and titillate fans while displaying their sexuality in plain sight without admitting their sexual identity publicly. Over the decades, stereotypes ran rampant, hatred for those who were different was encouraged, and wrestling became a prime arena as a messy stew of ambiguity, accusations and tragedy. With fascinating histories and exceptional perseverance, these pioneers paved the way for modern-day wrestlers to step up and declare their identities with less fear and stigma.

For this feature documentary debut, director Ry Levey covers Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. to speak to wrestlers from the queer community past and present, historians, and journalists about the world of pro wrestling and their experiences. Co-produced with Darren Dean (THE FLORIDA PROJECT, TANGERINE) and Brad Webb, Levey covers the appropriation and objectification of queer culture, the legacy of late pro-wrestler Chyna, and role models for queer fans and future wrestlers. It’s all there, OUT IN THE RING. – Carolyn Mauricette