Give Me Pity!

Directed by Amanda Kramer

Hosted by Director and Screenwriter, Amanda Kramer, Executive Producer and Visual Effects, Samuel Gursky, Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Designer, John Ascalon, Editor, Benjamin Shearn and Actors, Sophie Von Haselberg and Matthew D'Elia.


Official selection

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022


Amanda Kramer


Amanda Kramer


Cricket Arrison, Reshma Gajjar, Tess Hewlett, Annie Kyle, Diesel M., Malachi Middleton, Sophie Von Haselberg



USA 2022 80 mins OV English
Genre HorrorComedyFantasy

“A singular vision for audiences with a taste for lurid cinematic mischief-making.”

Sissy St. Claire has one dream: Making It! And she has finally arrived… on stage, that is, for an evening full of laughter, introspection, gossip, glamour, song and dance… with the occasional flight of vanity, anger and disillusionment piercing through an increasingly uncertain act. Standing before us, “the living proof that television is in a golden age”, she addresses the audience with confidence and glee. Yet something is slightly off. Uneasy. Honest. As she tries to reconcile the multiple characters she must perform on stage, the veneer cracks. Worse, a hooded man is seen lurking in the wings, threatening to shut it all down—her dream, and all there is.

Drawing from her background in dance and theatre arts, rising indie filmmaker Amanda Kramer (PLEASE BABY PLEASE, also at this year’s festival) invites us to a Primetime Saturday Night Network Television Spectacular! A delightful, horror-tinged cringe-comedy that would be perfectly at home on late-night Adult Swim, GIVE ME PITY! is a satirical send-up of American television—complete with musical numbers, commercial breaks, thematic segments and a melting, analogue video aesthetic mined for all its psychedelic potential. Embodied by Sophie Von Haselberg’s spectacular performance in the lead role, Kramer’s daring monologue confirms a rare talent for words. Here is an extravagant “hour of television” composed with exquisite wit and intelligence, doubling as a thorough takedown of noxious, showbiz expectations—performance of gender, of beauty, of success—that cast a long shadow on women’s limelight. – Ariel Esteban Cayer