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Seo-jin YOON

A dead cat hanging by its neck, an omen of doom, precipitates a family’s downfall in Yoon Seo-jin’s existential horror film debut.

South Korea 89 mins

The Cow Who Sang a Song Into the Future

Francisca Alegría

As fish die, a mother miraculously comes back to life, in Francisca Alegría’s debut, an ecological fable and magical realist ghost tale.

USA, Germany, France, Chile 98 mins

Give Me Pity!

Amanda Kramer

A Primetime Saturday Night Network Television Spectacular curdles into nightmare juice in Amanda Kramer’s uneasily honest television satire.

USA 80 mins

Happer's Comet

Tyler Taormina

Fragments of Americana form a foreboding, midnight mosaic in the latest from daring American filmmaker Tyler Taormina.

USA 62 mins

Just Remembering

Daigo Matsui

The six years of Teruo and Yo’s relationship are told in reverse chronology in Daigo Matsui’s beloved COVID-set romance.

Japan 115 mins

Please Baby Please

Amanda Kramer

Suze and Arthur question their own sexuality after a deadly encounter with a leather-clad gang in Amanda Kramer’s beatnik-era phantasmagoria.

USA 96 mins

Topology of Sirens

Jonathan Davies

The discovery of a mysterious hurdy-gurdy leads an amateur musician down an audiophile rabbit hole in Jonathan Davies’s shimmering, open-ended debut.

USA 105 mins

We Might as Well Be Dead

Natalia Sinelnikova

The utopia of a “curated” high-rise community is disturbed in Natalia Sinelnikova’s chilling, speculative debut.

Germany, Romania 94 mins

Whether the Weather Is Fine

Carlo Francisco Manatad

Son, mother, and friend find ways to survive in the rubble of Typhoon Haiyan. Carlo Francisco Manatad’s award-winning debut, a magical-realist take on the disaster film.

France, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia 104 mins