International Premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Nico Van den Brink

Hosted by Director and Screenwriter, Nico van den Brink.



Nico Van den Brink


Daan Bakker, Nico Van den Brink


Anneke Blok, Johan Fretz, Fred Goessens, Markoesa Hamer, Sallie Harmsen


Emo Weemhoff


Ella Van der Woude



Netherlands 2022 99 mins OV Dutch/English
Genre Horror

“Reminiscent of the classic BBC television ghost stories: serious folk horror with convincing characters”
- Julius Koetsier, SHOKKEND NIEUWS

“Makes you long for many more Dutch horror films”

“With MOLOCH I want to break open the horror genre in the Netherlands. I’d like to show that horror can be so much more than the limited way we've explored it so far. There is an untapped wealth of stories just waiting to be shared with an international audience.”
– Nico van den Brink

Deep in the Dutch countryside, in a house at the end of a vast peat bog, Betriek (Sallie Harmsen, BLADE RUNNER 2049) lives with her six-year-old daughter and her parents. Their area is remote and overall, quite tranquil. That changes when an ancient cadaver is dug up from the bog, prompting the invasion of an archeological team that begin to dig. And dig. And dig. Soon, their excavations bring forth whispers. Not from townspeople, but the bog itself. Workers who report hearing these inexplicable whisperings soon lose control of themselves, committing actions that they’re powerless to resist. Actions that will put Betriek and her family in terrifying mortal danger as occult forces take hold around them. All the while, the bog continues to whisper.

MOLOCH is the feature debut from acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Nico van den Brink, following his award-winning shorts THE BURDEN and SWEET TOOTH, both having premiered at Fantasia, the former now being adapted into a feature co-produced by James Wan and Sam Raimi. Thick with creeping dread and compelling characters, it’s a rare work of Dutch folk horror, designed specifically, in the filmmaker’s words, to “break open the genre in the Netherlands”. Enveloped by a rich electronic score by Ella van der Woude, composer on Van den Brink’s shorts, MOLOCH balances the atmospheric with the grotesque into a dreamy yet viable-feeling nightmare. The film opened to rave reviews in its home country, prompting sleepless nights across the Netherlands and a new hunger for Dutch horror storytelling. We’re proud to be bringing the film to Montreal, where our audience will be the first to see it outside its country’s borders. – Mitch Davis