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Acción mutante

Álex De la Iglesia

Álex de la Iglesia’s outrageous debut (produced by Pedro Almodóvar!) returns in a new 4K restoration. Let the uprising begin!

Spain 90 mins

Blue Sunshine

Jeff Lieberman

Bad acid taken years ago sees people losing their minds across the USA. The notorious ‘70s horror classic, newly restored to trip out a new gen.

USA 95 mins

Dans ma peau

Marina De Van

Marina de Van’s surprisingly transcendent take on auto-cannibalism and gory self-discovery shows a woman divided.

France 93 mins

The Deadly Spawn

Douglas McKeown

The beloved ‘80s creature feature returns to splatter the screen in a new 4K restoration by Synapse Films.

USA 83 mins

Dr. Lamb

Danny Lee

The notorious HK shocker of the ‘90s returns in a new, fully uncut restoration. All the trigger warnings for this one!

Hong Kong 90 mins


John Woo

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta switch faces in the unquestionable highlight of John Woo's Hollywood years.

USA 140 mins


Luigi Bazzoni

In the most criminally underseen giallo mindf*ck of the ’70s, a woman is led to a place where recognition, identity, and the truth are never what they seem.

Italy 96 mins

Hard Boiled

John Woo

All but unrivalled and entirely unsurpassed, John Woo’s 1992 action masterpiece explodes across the big screen once again!

Hong Kong 126 mins

Harold and Maude

Hal Ashby

An irreverent, subversive, and anti-establishment black comedy, a deeply humane love story, and a true repertory classic.

USA 91 mins

The Heroic Trio

Johnnie To

Three queens of Hong Kong screens—Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung, and Michelle Yeoh—ignite like dynamite in this bonkers Hong Kong classic.

Hong Kong 87 mins

I Like Bats

Grzegorz Warchol

Splashes of black comedy combine with jolts of old-school horror for a slyly contemporary take on the female bloodsucker mythos.

Poland 81 mins


Giuseppe Patroni Griffi

A mentally unbalanced spinster (Elizabeth Taylor) arrives in Rome and embarks on an increasingly unhinged mission to find the ultimate lover and/or murderer.

Italy 105 mins

Il Demonio

Brunello Rondi

A stunning story of obsessive love that brings the contrasting traditions of rural Southern Italy to life amidst a classic tale of the monstrous feminine.

Italy 100 mins

Kid with the Golden Arm

The merciless Golden Arm and his kung-fu buddies are creating havoc! Another infamous cult classic from director Chang Cheh.

Hong Kong 87 mins

Mercenaries from Hong Kong

Wong Jing

Non-stop gunfire, explosions, lunatic motorcycle stunts, tasteless humour, and barrels of bloody excitement from director Wong Jing, ’80s style!

Hong Kong 90 mins

Shriek of the Mutilated

Michael Findlay

"On the prowl, hear him howl, here comes the Yeti now!" A blood-curdling and self-aware gem of ’70s exploitation brought back to its pristine state!

USA 88 mins

Space Monster Wangmagwi

Gwon Hyeok-jinn

Alien attackers drop a gigantic, remote-controlled cosmo-creep through our stratosphere in South Korea’s oldest surviving homegrown kaiju flick!

South Korea 83 mins

What's Up Connection

Masashi Yamamoto

A Hong Kong teenager’s trip to Japan unleashes a zany chain of events, in Masashi Yamamoto’s energetic, newly restored 1990 mini-epic.

Japan, Hong Kong 121 mins