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The Heroic Trio

Directed by Johnnie To



Johnnie To


Sandy Shaw


Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh


Janus Films

Hong Kong 1993 87 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre ClassiqueActionMartial Arts

The Demonic Eunuch has dispatched his best fighters to snatch newborns. The motive is to prepare the next generation of invincible assassins, and find a new ruler. Panic has risen among the citizens, unsure if their precious baby will be the next victim. Enter a trio of masked female vigilantes—Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman, and the Thief Catcher—whose paths have collided in the past due to their links to the evil master. They are armed with their special arsenal of flying darts, swords, machine guns, and kung-fu chops, yet not fully certain where their loyalties lie. Meanwhile, the deadly assassin Kau (Anthony Wong!) has entered the city with his flying guillotine, and soon the Demonic Eunuch and his army of underground minions will follow.

Three queens of Hong Kong screens—the late Anita Mui (DRUNKEN MASTER II, RUMBLE IN THE BRONX), Wong Kar-Wai regular Maggie Cheung (POLICE STORY) and of course Michelle Yeoh (EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, POLICE STORY III:SUPERCOP)—ignite like dynamite in this bonkers Hong Kong classic from director Johnnie To. THE HEROIC TRIO mashes up wuxia, kung-fu, superheroics, machine-gun mayhem, a Terminator rip-off, insane stunts, pyrotechnics and a touch of horror into one wild ride! The insanely creative, gravity-defying action choreography was handled by Ching Siu-Tung (A CHINESE GHOST STORY, SWORDSMAN II) whose breathtaking action design defined the ’80s and ’90s in Hong Kong cinema. Rarely seen on the big screen for many years, an audience favourite during Fantasia’s first year, this classic is now heroically restored from the original camera negative and ready to thrill a whole new Fantasia crowd! – King-Wei Chu