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Mercenaries from Hong Kong

Directed by Wong Jing

Fantasia Midnights presented by Synapse Films



Wong Jing


Wong Jing


Ti Lung, Lo Lieh, Philip Ko

Hong Kong 1982 90 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English

“The juxtaposition of explosive action, unabashed cheesiness and outright tragedy makes this film a heady Hong Kong brew, and one of the best modern-day set Shaw Brothers films”

A notorious assassin (Philip Ko of BOXER’S OMEN) must be eliminated at all costs! A band of mercenaries in Hong Kong are hired by a mysterious tycoon’s young daughter for this special mission, and the payoff is more wealth than they can imagine. Armed with major firepower, they journey into the jungles of Cambodia. The main target is secured inside a heavily guarded camp. The dirty half-dozen plan the mission carefully and are ready to assault the camp. But the mission might become impossible—it’s been booby-trapped with nasty surprises that may have been set up by their own employer!

Lock and load for an avalanche of non-stop gunfire, explosions, lunatic motorcycle stunts, tasteless humour and barrels of bloody excitement from director Wong Jing, ’80s style! The same director who rejuvenated the gambling genre with GOD OF GAMBLERS and elevated some of Stephen Chow’s crazy classics with even more ludicrous cleverness, started his career at Shaw Brothers studios. Rather than shoot on the famous Shaw sets, he and crew took full advantage of exterior locations, and delivered an absolutely insane action film that predates Sammo Hung’s EASTERN CONDORS, with a faster tempo and more humour. Starring some of the most famous Shaw legends: Ti Lung (A BETTER TOMORROW), Lo Lieh (FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH), Wong Yu (DIRTY HO), and Wang Lung-Wei (HONG KONG GODFATHER). Unseen on Canadian screens for over 35 years, be among the first brave soldiers in the world to see the new 2K restoration from the original 35mm negative. – King-Wei Chu