I Like Bats

Directed by Grzegorz Warchol



Grzegorz Warchol


Krystyna Kofta, Grzegorz Warchol


Marek Barbasiewicz, Katarzyna Walter


Severin Films

Poland 1986 81 mins OV Polish Subtitles : English
Genre DramaHorror

“An unconventional and at times fascinating film… Warchol knows how to flash skillful moments of shock again and again”

World Premiere of Severin Films’ New 2K Restoration!

Polish actor/director Grzegorz Warchol (THREE COLORS: WHITE) helms this 1986 production that combines splashes of black comedy with jolts of old-school horror for a slyly contemporary take on the female bloodsucker mythos. Katarzyna Walter stars as a happily single young vampire who works in her aunt’s curio shop when not feeding on various suitors, stalkers, and sleazebags. But when she falls for a handsome psychiatrist and checks into his luxury sanitarium to cure her condition, she’ll discover that love may be the ghastliest curse of all.

With incredible neo-noir lighting, architecture ranging from Eastern Bloc chunkiness to melodramatic spires, antique trinkets, a masked ball, colourful secondary characters and even an orange dune buggy (!), I LIKE BATS—now scanned in 2K from the 35MM negative—is a fun, kooky movie that manages to soak up its gothic influences while never losing sight of the absurdist humour at its core. As one character toasts, “Laughter is healthy… even death wears a smile.” – Kier-La Janisse and Gary Hertz