Unearthed Films

Dr. Lamb

Directed by Danny Lee

Fantasia Midnights presented by Synapse Films



Billy Hin-Shing Tang, Danny Lee


Kam-Fai Law


Simon Yam, Danny Lee, Kent Cheng, Eric Kei, Enily Kwan


Unearthed Films Corp

Hong Kong 1992 90 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorThriller

New 2K Restoration by Unearthed Films

Summer 1982: A series of brutal murders have rocked Hong Kong. The bodies of four innocent young women have been found dismembered and police have no leads, until nude photos of one of the victims show up in a photo processing plant. The photos are claimed by cab driver Lam Gor-Yu (an unforgettable Simon Yam) who shuts down once Inspector Lee (Danny Lee, who co-directed with Billy Tang) and his team pick him up for questioning. As his family is interrogated, the picture starts to become clear. More photos of other victims are found, weird stories of Lam's perversities surface, and eventually, very unexpected physical evidence emerges. Lam soon confesses and the true story of what really happened becomes even more disturbing, shocking and horrifying. And the most worst part of the story? It's all true.

The notorious Category III shocker that started Hong Kong's based-on-a-true-story serial-killer craze of the ’90s (which also gave us THE UNTOLD STORY), DR. LAMB returns to Fantasia (where it dumbfounded unsuspecting audiences in 1999) in a new and beautiful, completely uncensored restoration courtesy of Unearth Films, which includes footage cut from the original Hong Kong release prints. Be warned: DR. LAMB is proudly exploitative and legitimately offensive in its less-than-subtle depiction of this shocking real-life murder case, presenting every character as either completely idiotic, spastic, or just insane. It's the very definition of Category III (Hong Kong's variation of NC-17), a unique brand of filmmaking whose days are now long gone but whose impact left even the most jaded of moviegoers wondering aloud what they've just witnessed. Definitely not for everyone, DR. LAMB remains unforgettable as a rough and sleazy exploitation film, but also perfect midnight-movie programming pretty much anywhere, especially at Fantasia. - Matthew Kiernan