Nongshim America INC

North American premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Kang Park


Official selection

Busan International Film Festival 2021


FIPRESCI Prize, Busan International Film Festival 2021


Park Kang


Park Kang


Seo Hyun-woo, Ryu Sun-young


Film Movement

South Korea 2021 102 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre DramaHorror

“Channeling ROSEMARY'S BABY and THE WAILING, this low-budget gem is one of the standouts from this year's edition of the [Busan International Film Festival]”
- Pierce Conran, SCREEN ANARCHY

An old belief from Korean folklore dictates that family members should never venture down a potentially taboo path when their child is born, as this could lead to a curse called Seire, involving evil spirits. To Woo-jin, this is all nonsense and he doesn't care, despite his wife's reluctance. He decides to attend the funeral of a former love, Se-young. When he arrives, he meets Ye-young, the twin of the deceased, who strangely enough he did not know existed. She tells him that her sister had a hard time getting over their break-up and that something seems to have broken inside her. When he returns, Woo-jin and the people around him start experiencing strange paranormal manifestations. Things quickly escalate to the outright terrifying. Perhaps the solution lies in Woo-jin's past...

With this first directorial effort, a masterfully directed film where the atmosphere remains oppressive from end to end, Park Kang is one of those Korean auters capable of miracles with a limited budget. His secret: a solid script, constant tension, minimalist music that adds enormously to the whole, solid and nuanced acting, and meticulous direction. His film is along the lines of POSSESSED, by the brilliant Lee Yong-joo, rather than yet another generic, pointless jump-scare parade. There is no need to know the very real folkloric origins of the curse, Kang takes care of everything with astonishing efficiency. This filmmaker's career shows great promise and you'll be glad you experienced this first foray into his eerie and unsettling imagination. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg