Que le fan soit avec toi

Directed by Marc Joly-Corcoran

Hosted by Director Marc Joly-Corcoran and Producer Christine Falco



Marc Joly-Corcoran

Executive Producer

Paul Cadieux


Christine Falco


Jef Bérard, Steeve Gros-Louis, Christian Lorin, Kim Martineau


Patrick Krouchian



Canada 2022 85 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre Documentary

It's needless to say that STAR WARS has had a huge impact, generating billions of dollars through its films, TV series, and merchandising. This popularity grew thanks to the fans who, over the years, have met at numerous conventions around the world. This is no less the case in Quebec where, united by nostalgia, fans of the Skywalker saga meet year-round, transforming this passion into friendship, even family. We mainly follow the path of three fans: Jef, a fire-prevention supervisor, but also a well-known figure in the fan community with his podcast, conferences and exhibitions on the subject; Malgus, a telecommunication technician, leader of the cosplay group La Forteresse impériale; and Steeve Gros-Louis, owner of the restaurant Le Sagamité and an avid collector and seller of merchandise. Three different portraits, united by one and the same passion.

Director Marc Joly-Corcoran, himself a huge STAR WARS fan, worked for nearly five years on this documentary, following the evolution of these fans who live their obsession for the franchise. He deals with the evolution of geek culture in Quebec, which was once ridiculed, but is now celebrated. He questions the saturation of the market, where geek events have become so commonplace that they can sometimes lose the uniqueness that made them special for some. The multiple years that pass through the documentary make the evolution of the subjects extremely vivid, as we visit several events around the world with them, meet STAR WARS personalities, and experience some of their biggest dreams with them. The documentary is accompanied by Raphaël Hébert's short film BRIGHTSTAR, a full-length STAR WARS fan film from Quebec. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg