Canadian Premiere
Documentaries from the Edge


Directed by Alexandre O Philippe


Official selection

Tribeca Film Festival 2022


Alexandre O Philippe




Lawrence David



USA 2022 108 mins OV English
Genre Documentary

Alexandre O. Philippe dissects film history like no other documentarian before him. From Monument Valley’s depiction in Westerns in THE TAKING (2021), to Hitchcock’s shower scene in 78/52 (2017) and through fear and mythology of the xenomorph’s creation in MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN (2019), every detail is explored through Philippe’s lens, and expanded upon for a meditation on cinema itself.

While WILD AT HEART (1990) is David Lynch’s most evident homage to the WIZARD OF OZ (1939), Philippe demonstrates here how the Lynchverse owes its entire foundation to America’s most beloved cult film. He builds here a movie-dialogue of sorts, composed by split screens, between the two magical realms, a masterful montage-collage of iconic visions by both master Lynch and the crystalline classic. “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?” asks Kyle MacLachlan. “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” answers Judy Garland… LYNCH/OZ goes beyond simple comparison and allows us to search deep in our hearts for the source of our love for cinema, and what can motivate a creator to create. With interviews with film fetishists such as John Waters, Rodney Ascher, David Lowery, Karyn Kusama, Amy Nicholson, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Philippe leads us through a wondrous maze where the green emerald city and blue velvet curtain intertwine. Over the rainbow and underneath the surface, the story of David Lynch and THE WIZARD OF OZ. – Celia Pouzet