World Premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Rebekah McKendry

Hosted by Rebekah McKendry, director, Ryan Kwanten, actor & Morgan Peter Brown, producer.



Rebekah McKendry


Christian Armogida, Morgan Peter Brown, Jason Scott Goldberg, Bob Portal, Inderpal Singh, Joe Wicker


Joshua Hull, David Ian McKendry, Todd Rigney


Ryan Kwanten, J.K. Simmons


David Matthews


Jake Hull


Joseph Shahood


Glorious Movie LLC

USA 2022 79 mins OV English
Genre Horror

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Exactly where you're going is another matter. That's definitely the case for the heartbroken Wes (Ryan Kwanten), who has pulled over at a roadside rest stop to figure out his next move in life. A night of solo drunken revelry leaves Wes with a massive hangover and a serious need to puke, so into the scuzzy restroom he goes before he hits the road. But whoever's in the next stall (J.K. Simmons!) has a few questions for Wes. And very few answers. But what they do tell Wes is that he's about to become someone very important, but he can't leave this bathroom and he's going to have to make a big, big sacrifice. Glorious? Maybe not.

No, Fantasia has not gone down the shitter, but you're going to spend a lot of time there in veteran genre journalist and podcaster Rebekah McKendry's wickedly funny, twisted, even Lovecraftian, mind-bending mix of comedy, horror, sci-fi, and overall weirdness that won't, we promise, leave a stench. Taking a bizarre premise and a less-than-desirable setting and packing it full of invention, McKendry and screenwriters David Ian McKendry, Joshua Hull and Todd Rigney have pulled off one of the most memorable single-setting genre experiences in a while. A big reason why is the extremely well-paired odd couple of Kwanten and Simmons, who play beautifully off each other even though they never share the screen together. They're a big reason why GLORIOUS is, indeed, pretty glorious, but the whole movie leaves you with that fresh, clean smell even though you've been trapped with a mysterious being in the worst toilet in the universe. No need to light a match with this one. – Matthew Kiernan