Japan Foundation

World Premiere
Selection 2022

Sadako DX

Directed by Hisashi KIMURA



Hisashi Kimura


Yuya Takahashi


Fuka Koshiba, Kazuma Kawamura, Mario Kuroba



Japan 2022 100 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorComedy

Ever since the legendary screening of Hideo Nakata's RING at Fantasia 1999, the festival has continued to follow Sadako's curse and the downfall of her many victims. Just when everything seemed to be said, the hairy spectre returns with a surprising twist: humour and self-mockery.

On a flea-market app, the rumour has resurfaced, and those who found the video all died 24 hours after viewing it. Ayaka, a gifted graduate with a high IQ, as well as a popular TV commentator, does not believe the supernatural angle. For her, there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. During a live debate, the exuberant shaman Kenshin suffers the young woman’s devastating skepticism, but hands her a copy and challenges her to watch the cryptic film. Unfortunately, her younger sister does so before she does and significantly beats the deadline, forcing Ayaka to dive into the collective delirium. It seems that Sadako isn’t the same as in the urban legend. She appears in the form of a relative or friend, with the usual black hair and soiled white dress. All indications are that the curse has mutated, spreading at great speed via the internet, and there are only a few hours left to debunk this puzzle.

You're not dreaming, Hisashi Kimura's SADAKO DX is indeed a horrific comedy that’s not afraid to laugh a little at the flaws of the franchise it emerges from. From the abuse of jump scares out of nowhere (involving a mascot) to the rather comical new appearance of our favourite wraith, the film stay faithful to his horror roots and deliver plenty of shivers, among others with judicious modifications to the evil video. Be the first in the world to discover this new Sadako, who’s more than a bit unsettling! – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg