Canadian Premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Andrew Semans


Official selection

Sundance 2022
Chicago Critics Film Festival 2022


Andrew Semans


Andrew Semans


Rebecca Hall, Tim Roth, Grace Kaufman, Michael Esper



USA 2022 103 mins OV English
Genre DramaHorrorThriller

“One of the more intrinsically frightening evocations of a traumatized mind since TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME”

“Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth deliver explosive, career-best work”
– Siddhant Adlakha, IGN MOVIES

“Electrifying... I was buzzing for hours following my screening”
– Esther Zuckerman, THRILLIST

Margaret (Rebecca Hall), a pharmaceutical executive raising her teenage daughter Abbie (Grace Kaufman) alone, seems to have a well-ordered life. Then one day, the mere sight of a familiar face causes her to freak out. David (Tim Roth) doesn’t do anything overtly menacing—he simply shows up at the places she goes, throwing her sense of safety completely out of whack. Clearly, David had a damaging, destabilizing role in Margaret’s past, and as it is revealed, he worms his way into Margaret’s headspace all over again—preying particularly on her motherly instincts in truly disturbing ways. Her life is no longer her own, and her downward spiral will lead Margaret to the darkest depths a human soul can go.

Following her enthralling turn in last year’s THE NIGHT HOUSE, Hall returns to plumb even deeper levels of psychological trauma in RESURRECTION. From her increasingly tense interactions with Roth’s David to a remarkable, lengthy monologue in which she spills the details of their backstory, Hall rivets your attention, and also allows you to understand how a woman who at first seems fully in charge of her existence could let that all crumble. Roth is supremely creepy as a master manipulator who’s able to play on every insecurity and push every button Margaret has, and writer/director Andrew Semans keeps you questioning how much further the movie can go—and then it goes there, to ultimately surreal places, with shockingly visceral impact. Even if you can stand the excruciating tension RESURRECTION builds, you won’t be prepared for what happens when it finally explodes. – Michael Gingold