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10 femmes au téléphone

Julie Roy

Ten women are connected by a telephone chain. When one of them is missing, they struggle to find her. But who are they forgetting along the way?

Quebec 12 mins

100 Ghosts

Noncedo Khumalo

A woman awakes to mysterious sounds—and confronts an astonishing surreal world summoned forth by her innermost fears.<br>Produced as part of the 13th edition of the NFB’s Hothouse apprenticeship.

Canada 2 mins

100 Miles

Louis Bodart

Are we there yet? When the kids act up in the back seat, a family road trip gets knocked hilariously off course.<br>Produced as part of the 13th edition of the NFB’s Hothouse apprenticeship.

Canada 1 mins


Charlie Agadjanian

A young hostess, at an excessive gambling party, gets in over her head when the place is robbed by a gang of crafty musician-thieves in search of a mysterious box. A psychedelic, comedic, musical ride with...

Canada 17 mins


Maxime S. Girard

Following the viewing of a strange video, a young woman becomes dangerously obsessed by the ASMR phenomenon, to the great displeasure of her roommates.

Quebec 12 mins

L’ abattu des vents

Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard

Alone on a secluded island, a lightkeeper is prisoner of his own madness.

Quebec 5 mins


Joe Lebreux-Désilets

Aboard a convertible car in California, Anette experiences a fantasy adventure with a pickle-man.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

L' Autre rive

Gaëlle Graton

Newly employed in an emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness, Genevieve is shocked to meet again with with Camille, a young woman whom she believed to have successfully reinserted while bei...

Quebec 18 mins

Le Baladeur

Fransix Desjardins

A fish Guy try to escape his boring routine trough his dream.

Canada, Quebec 13 mins


Lukas Conway

In a frenzied attempt to break the isolation, a man drums his head against the wall, unleashing a battery of brightly hued hallucinations.<br>Produced as part of the 13th edition of the NFB’s Hothouse appr...

Canada 1 mins

Bedroom People

Vivien Forsans

A man searches through documents of an unknown USB key and discovers a strange series of recordings.

Quebec 5 mins

Belle River

Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin, Guillaume Fournier

2019. Spring flooding in Mississippi hits record highs. In Louisiana, the residents of Pierre-Part are preparing for the worst. Barring an unexpected turn of events, local authorities will soon be forced t...

Quebec 11 mins

Body of Light

David Gaudette

A young girl is left to herself while her grandfather takes a long sleep. She resolves to offer him eternal comfort in her last moment with him.

Quebec 9 mins

Bon matin

Maxime Pelletier

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Emily Chan

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Emilie Mannering

«Blaze» delicately explores the taboo of forbidden desire in an adolescent world where nascent passions are often at odds with social norms.

Quebec 19 mins


Raphaël Hébert

Set in a fantasy land, a fugitive family living in peace must brace itself because their past has tracked them down.

Canada, Quebec 19 mins


Sophie B-Jacques

Jade leads Simon to the cemetery for a first date. Their conversation leaves Simon puzzled. Will they see each other again?

Canada, Quebec 10 mins


Jean-Philippe Dagenais

When Phil learns a deadly virus threatens the world, his life is turned upside down in an unexpected manner.

Canada, Quebec 9 mins

Coller Pour Crier

Éléonore Delveaux-Beaudoin, Irmela Degbe, Rosalie Maltais, Catherine Quesnel

On March 15, 2020, Montreal sees appearing on a wall, written in black letters on white paper "Stop feminicides".

Canada, Quebec 6 mins

Cosmo Dep

Kevin Osias

In the middle of the night, a young cashier is visited by a seemingly monstrous creature, but is it really?

Canada 1 mins

The Cradle

Massimo Meo

An angry mob interrupts a witch as she prepares breakfast for her collected children.

Canada, Quebec 3 mins


Franie-Éléonore Bernier, Jean-David Rodrigue

In the Limoilou neigbourhood of Quebec City, René and Polo are apprehensive about the arrival of the new next-door neighbour.

Quebec 13 mins


Andréanne Poisson-Robert, Marc Bureau

A businessman's life goes into a tailspin when he discovers that an orange chocolate is missing from his box. This film is a tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée.

Canada, Quebec 2 mins