Punta Sinistra

Directed by Renaud Gauthier



Renaud Gauthier

Executive Producer

Jay Bober


Renaud Gauthier, Melissa Urrutia


Renaud Gauthier


Jay Bober, Renaud Gauthier, Patricia Léger, Rhamses Navarrette, Josefina Quevedo, Andrès Rivera


Luis Almada


Dave Lapanne


Durango pictures

Canada, Mexico 2022 63 mins OV English/Spanish Subtitles : English
Genre Thriller

A journalist (played by the director Renaud Gauthier himself) goes in search of a mythical plane piloted by a Quebecer, which was carrying cargo for a cartel. It crashed several years ago in Punta Sinistra, on the coast of Mexico, but has never been found by anyone... quickly becoming a real local legend! The journalist is plunged into a feverish adventure full of black magic and encounters with dangerous individuals who also want to find the lost cargo. He thought that this investigation would be a simple treasure hunt, but he soon realizes that his life is now at stake!

PUNTA SINISTRA is Renaud Gauthier's third feature film (after DISCOPATHE and AQUASLASH), shot independently with a micro-crew in Mexico. The director returns to his influences, namely B-movies and Italian horror of the ’70s, with colourful lighting, dubbed dialogue, vintage image treatment and a great orchestral soundtrack. The crazy premise is taken as seriously as it is humorous in the second degree. Larger-than-life characters, dizzying dream sequences, and a narrative written with a good dose of dry humour. It's part investigative thriller, part adventure film, with a fantasy twist that makes for a soaring, mysterious experience. It's a guerrilla tour de force, a real UFO in the Quebec film landscape. The director will tell you about the crazy adventure of the filming itself: his experience with a small local Mexican crew, the casting on location, the search for the beautiful locations, the pandemic that struck during production, and finally the presentation of the film at Fantasia! – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg