Nongshim America INC

International Premiere
Selection 2022

Next Door

Directed by Ji-ho YEOM

Hosted by Yeom Ji-ho, director and writer.



Yeom Ji-ho


Yong-bae CHOI, Sng-moo LEE


Yeom Ji-ho


Oh Dong-min, Choi Hee-jin, Lee Jung-hyun


Jae-min PARK

Sound Designer

Jeong-won YANG


Ja-wan KOO


Hyun-kyung KIM


Finecut Co., Ltd.

South Korea 2021 92 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre ThrillerComedy

Chan-woo has been trying to enlist in the police academy for five years now. This collection of failures has made him an impulsive slacker, so the continuous noise from the apartment next door strains his patience while he completes his umpteenth application. Moreover, he can't even pay the administrative fees, so he asks for help from a friend, who agrees on one condition: Chan-woo has to go for a drink with his buddies. He wakes up the next day covered in bruises, with an epic hangover and a bout of amnesia. Then he notices a body lying in the middle of a pool of blood and realizes that he’s in the home of the noisy neighbours he’d previously threatened. In an absurd and perilous turn of events, he finds himself trapped at the scene of the crime by insistent cult preachers and an overly benevolent landlady, who prevent him from slipping out. He'll have to use all the investigative skills he's acquired to unravel an infernal puzzle that's only getting worse, while finishing his application.

Anyone who has ever experienced a nebulous morning-after, partially recalled through embarrassing text messages, knows that it’s entertaining for the bystanders, but terribly distressing for the subject. Director and screenwriter Yeom Ji-ho masterfully illustrates both sides of this coin with his incredible debut feature NEXT DOOR. With a meticulous script that rewards the viewer with every seemingly innocuous detail, dynamic editing, and a funny and inspired performance by actor Oh Dong-min (the KINGDOM series), Yeom delivers a surprisingly hilarious black comedy full of real moments of breathtaking tension in a surreal closed setting, where every crazy twist and turn works perfectly. You won't forget NEXT DOOR, no matter how much you drank last night. – translation: Rupert Bottenberg