North American premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Fabian Forte


Official selection

Fantaspoa 2022


Best Script, Fantaspoa


Fabian Forte


Javier Diaz


Fabian Forte


German De Silva, Ezequiel Rodriguez, Lorena Vega


Mariano Suarez

Sound Designer

Damian Montes Calabró


Pablo Fuu


Mariana Quiroga


Coruya cine

Argentina 2022 88 mins OV Spanish Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorFantasy

As demonic forces descend on Argentina, the world’s best hope is confined to an insane asylum, powerless to avert a dark resurrection. The once legendary warlock Antonio Poyju (Germán De Silva) is haunted by the mistakes of his past, and is now reduced to rebelling against orderlies in an institution. When a malevolent demonic force reveals itself, Poyju must rally a ragtag ensemble of certifiable inmates to spring him from his confinement, so that he can reconcile with his estranged daughter Helena (Lorena Vega) and reunite their magical bloodline to stave off the evil. But the confines of modern life and an unnatural influence has stripped Helena of her belief and cheated the world of her magic. Will Poyju be able to remind his long-lost daughter of her cultural heritage and reignite the magic that has been smothered by corporate life?

Prolific Argentinian filmmaker Fabián Forte’s newest film LEGIONS combines some of the best parts of his previous cinematic endeavors. The comedic writing and direction of his 2016 hit DEAD MAN TELLS HIS OWN TALE is masterfully mixed with mystical horror of 2017 Fantasia favourite TERRIFIED, which Forte contributed to, add a dash of slapstick gore and a whole load of heart, and you have LEGIONS! This Argentinian folk-horror powderkeg is rich with cultural vibrancy, all the while dwelling on the important role of heritage and belief in the mystical. So, draw a circular symbol in chalk on the floor, light some incense and blow ritualistic smoke on an idol, and give yourself to the spell of LEGIONS. – Justin Langlois