Canadian Premiere
My First Fantasia Selection 2022

Island of Lost Girls

Directed by Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt


Official selection

Julian Dubuque Film Festival 2022
Cinema in Sneakers Poland 2022


Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt


Schmidt Avila, Ann-Marie Schmidt, Autumn Schmidt, Brian Schmidt


Autumn Schmidt, Avila Schmidt, Scarlet Schmidt


Heatha McGrath

Sound Designer

Andrew Vernon


Cali Wang


Treehouse mafia productions

USA, Mexico 2022 103 mins OV English
Genre ThrillerFamilyAction

ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS may be a family film, but it's also one of the coolest, craziest and most intense nature thrillers ever made. Three young sisters live in a house waiting to be adopted, and more importantly, not to be separated. With nothing left to lose, they decide to take a day off and escape to the beach. Following an incident, while trying to save their youngest sister caught in the ebb and flow of the waves, they find themselves caught on a surfboard drifting away from the coast. The three youngsters find themselves trapped in a sea cave filled with crashing waves, hundreds of sea lions and monstrous elephant seals. The girls desperately try to stay together while battling the rising tide, trying learn to feed themselves, bonding together, and ultimately survive this grand adventure.

The Schmidt family is back at Fantasia with a new production after presenting the crazy yet adorable THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE OF JOJO (AND HIS ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER AVILA) in 2015. ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS is one of the most ambitious and incredible filmed adventures to hit the screen. Directed and produced by Brian and Ann-Marie Schmidt, with the help of the incredibly talented Heather McGrath, he film will have you asking yourself, how in the world did they shoot that scene? Overprotective parents, please stay away. This feature film was shot on location on a remote island off the coast of Baja, Mexico. The picture relies not only on the three actresses’ irresistible charisma, but on their complicity and their sense of adventure and daring. The girls performed all their own stunts, often swimming in real sea caves and encountering a host of wild animals. They survived the shooting, but will they survive the movie? – Marc Lamothe