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Lee Bo-reum

Lonely baby owl On approaches friends with greetings, but they all avoid him because of his constant sneezing.

South Korea 4 mins


Valérie Deslauriers

In her attic, on a beautiful afternoon, a child decides to perform a magic ritual on her plush.

Quebec 1 mins

Alien Farmer

Lee Yong-wook

A round-shaped alien makes an emergency landing in the yard of an Earthling farmer.

South Korea 10 mins


Julia Thonig

The adventurer Alphons is searching for the mythical Mayan bird God 'Kukul' which rules<br>over the Mexican jungle. To prove his existence, he wants to catch the bird God at all<br>costs.

Germany 9 mins


Chloé Dalaroy

An adventurer tries to escape an angry dinosaur after he stole his precious artifact.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Les Attrapeurs de rêves

Florence Binet

On a floating island in the sky, strange fluffy creatures dream to accomplish the impossible....trying to catch clouds.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Han Yerin, Dang Heejin

A girl wakes up alone in an unfamiliar world. The girl chases after a balloon to catch her last memory.

South Korea 3 mins

Be Big

Jeon Da-young, Kim Min-gyung, Han Seo-a

The story of a tiny monster named Geomdaeng, struggling to be checked in for school attendance.

South Korea 4 mins

Call and Response

Morgane Duprat (Peter, Laura Sadi Honniball, Sélena Aledji, Anthony Okoko, Daphné Kutnowski, Yoann Bouabré)

In the 1950s, Paris was the capital of music emancipation. A jazz audition brings together two rival musicians who will attempt to impress the jury.

France 6 mins

My Child

KIm Hyunjoo

Though Mother does her best to bring her child up, her child who never grows up enough to survive will be left alone.

South Korea 11 mins


Claire Auvin, Kesia Caprice-Lucien, Maxence Delaforge, Marine Hergault, Diane Feixas, Sarah Siadoux

Frida, a young hen, wants to be a singer. However, her village is directed by strong rules : only chickens are allowed to sing, hens should brood. In order to escape her fate, she decides to rebel and bec...

France 4 mins

Croc' Marmottes

Benjamin Botella

It is winter. The snow is falling hard in the mountains.

France 8 mins

El Desayuno


During 2020 quarantine, a group of neighbors in a building share coffee, bread, fish and other foods making a breakfast for the homeless man who plays a song on the street.

Colombia 2 mins

The Dream Eater

Jo Min-jeong

The story of a little girl having nightmares and a monster only eats happy dreams.

South Korea 11 mins

L' Effet de mes rides

Claude Delafosse

Claude, a multi-faceted artist passionate about animation, decides to make "his own" film at last, before he turns 70.

France 12 mins


Jeremy Cote-Denis

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

The Fall

Desirae Witte

Leafie is a plucky little maple leaf who loves to groove. But when their latest performance takes an unexpected turn, the harsh realities of the season come crashing down.

Canada 3 mins

Felis Infernalis

Margaux Caron-Théberge

The King of Hell discovers his greatest weakness the day when an unexpected foe crashes down in his lair...

Quebec 1 mins

Fiddlehead Rain

Yoo Ye-jin, Lim Hyeon-ji, Kang Jeon-Yun

Lily teaches Po about the world above, and they promise to go up together.

South Korea 8 mins


Vera Vien

At dusk, in a Celtic forest, a little girl runs away from a fantastic creature.

Quebec 1 mins

Le Gardien

Mei Qi Liu

Canada 1 mins



Green, an orang outan, leads us into her native forest of Borneo, when her daily life gets disrupted by an unexpected event.

France 4 mins

Grosse Colère

Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck

Robert has not had a good day. He comes back from school in a bad mood and gets sent to his room by his Dad. He feels something horrible rising up inside him: it is anger…

Belgium, France 7 mins

Island of Lost Girls

Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt

Three young sisters find themselves trapped in a sea cave in one of the coolest, craziest and most intense nature thrillers ever made.

USA, Mexico 103 mins