Canadian Premiere
Selection 2022

L’ Employée du Mois

Directed by Véronique Jadin

Hosted by Director, Véronique Jadin.


Official selection

Tribeca Film Festival 2022
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2022


Véronique Jadin


Sebastian Schelenz


Véronique Jadin, Nina Vanspranghe


Laurence Bibot, Jasmina Douieb, Laetitia Mampaka, Philippe Résimont, Peter Van den Begin, Alex Vizorek


Nastasja Saerens

Sound Designer

Aline Gavroy, Elsa Ruhlmann, Ingrid Simon


Manu Roland


Yannick Leroy


Velvet Films

Belgium 2021 78 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorComedy

What does a lifetime of service get you? That's what Inès (Jasmina Douieb) wants to find out. As the long-time office manager for EcoCleanPro Cleaning Supplies, she's the only woman on staff in this very sexist office. She does whatever it takes to keep things running – even if it means replacing toilet paper her male coworkers can't seem to do themselves. After the regional manager's visit reveals abysmal numbers in gender pay equity at EcoCleanPro, Inès wants her dedication to pay off with a raise. Unfortunately, her request is rejected by her incompetent boss Patrick (Peter Van den Begin) and, fueled by the unfairness and under the watchful eye of Melody (Laetitia Mampaka), the new intern, Inès redoubles her efforts for compensation. When her history with Patrick rears its ugly head and leads to an accident, all hell breaks loose, and the two women must combine troubleshooting skills for possibly the biggest mess of their lives.

Véronique Jadin covers it all in her darkly comedic look at sexism in office culture and gender inequality. From the absurd to the heartbreaking, the cast pulls out all the stops with insane scenarios and nail-biting moments. For her debut feature film, Jadin scored veteran Belgian actor Van den Begin, French comedic star Alex Vizorek, and the chemistry between Douieb and Mampaka can't be beaten. It's a romp audiences won't forget, and you'll be cheering these women on as they bumble through the ridiculous, the gory and too many strokes of luck to count. – Carolyn Mauricette