World Premiere
Axis Circo Animato 2022

El After del Mundo

Directed by Florentina Gonzalez

France 2022 11 mins OV Spanish Subtitles : French
Genre AnimationFantasy

It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s all over. Seeking a wifi signal on her phone, chain-smoking cyclist Fluor drifts through the ruins of a marine park, where she encounters the nostalgic Carlix, who’s slowly reassembling a dead whale. With a storm on the way, the pair take shelter under the sea beast’s bones, two dejected phantoms witnessing the wasting away of what came before. Haunting, peculiar, and droll, with gorgeous music care of Juana Molina, Argentinian animator Florentina Gonzalez’s EL AFTER DEL MUNDO is a decidedly different spin on doomsday, post-apocalyptic poetry in a zoomer hipster vernacular—the existential sigh of a shortchanged generation. – Rupert Bottenberg