Canadian Premiere

Yaya e Lennie – The Walking Liberty

Directed by Alessandro Rak


Official selection

Animafest Zagreb 2022
Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2022
Locarno Film Festival 2021


Alessandro Rak


Alessandro Rak


Fabiola Balestriere, Ciro Capriello, Francesco Pannofino



Italy 2021 98 mins OV Italian Subtitles : English
Genre Animation

Born at the end of the world, quick-tempered Yaya and giant, slow-witted Lennie follow their own free-spirited code, and survive off what the jungle provides. But the wily pair of orphaned teenagers are not alone in the dense rainforest that has swallowed what was once Naples, Italy. Some humans have resumed the ancient ways of indigenous peoples. Others strive to rebuild a more recent past, no matter how tyrannical the means. Still others dream of a utopian third way, one that will not be achieved without violence. For all their wariness and careful self-sufficiency, the fiercely bonded pair of can’t elude a conflict that threatens to tear them apart.

Italian animator Alessandro Rak (CINDERELLA THE CAT, Fantasia 2018) returns with the exciting, eco-pocalyptic cyberpunk adventure YAYA E LENNIE - THE WALKING LIBERTY. It’s a dazzling piece of work—Rak and his team have rendered into existence an exquisite vision of a world where we no longer have an upper hand against nature. The tremendous care in crafting the vibrant neo-primeval environment, littered with forlorn remnants of a ruined civilization, is palpable throughout. As the endearing duo Yaya and Lennie dash headfirst through this avenging Garden of Eden, the lines between good and evil, trust and treachery are often obscured, and hard calls between freedom and survival must sometimes be made. – Rupert Bottenberg