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El After del Mundo

Florentina Gonzalez

A decidedly different spin on doomsday, post-apocalyptic poetry in a zoomer hipster vernacular, haunting, peculiar, and droll.

France 11 mins


Grace An

A passage from Korea’s creation myth becomes a timely reflection on isolation and transformation.

Canada 2 mins


Michael Ralla

Be careful when you bust a move, lest ye get all busted up yourself.

USA 3 mins

The Commute

Tarun Padmakumar

There’s more than one way to get around town

Canada 1 mins


Camila Donoso

The sunrise that awakes an elderly woman, alone in her room, can’t dispel the darkness that comes as she ponders the many days of her life gone by.

Chile 7 mins

Glass Doll

Omorose Osagie

A damaged porcelain doll and her faithful companion, a toy dog, forage for scraps in a ruined wasteland of discarded playthings.

Canada 5 mins

Lo 100to

Karla Monterrosa

A breakup announcement brings out the best, worst, and weirdest in a Salvadoran family.

Canada 2 mins

New Moon

Jeremie Balais, Jeff LeBars

Wise words and warm memories linger from a hot summer night in West Philadelphia. Colman Domingo stars in an animated extract from his stage play.

USA, France 11 mins

Perfect City: The Mother

Shengwei Zhou

An utterly organic mother desires a state of plasticized perfection for her newborn. The first phase of animator Zhou Shengwei’s PERFECT CITY cycle.

USA, China 12 mins

Piece of Solitude

Elaheh Ghomeyshi

Alone in his house with only his many books and troubling memories, an old man feels compelled to seek out a lost childhood treasure.

Iran 9 mins

The Principle of Sunrise

Ye Song

A young girl sees something of herself in a small, injured bird she finds. A lovely little slice of life’s tragic truths.

China 5 mins

Sneak Preview: Retour à Hairy Hill

Daniel Gies

E.D. FILMS is excited to share an exclusive “sneak peek” of their upcoming animated short, co-founder Daniel Gies’ tribute to family folklore.

Canada 3 mins

A Story for 2 Trumpets

Amandine Meyer

Learning, loving, leaping before you look—the parade of changes, the constant becoming that we call growing up.

France 5 mins

VRDLK: Family of Vurdulak

Sam Chou

Caught in a snowstorm, an urbane traveller seeks shelter with a peasant family whose superstitions amuse him, but he won’t be laughing for long.

Canada 14 mins

Whisper Down the Lane

Raghad Al Barqi

As they pass from one ear to the next, words get tangled and warped, and ultimately wound.

Saudi Arabia 5 mins