Canadian Premiere


Directed by Alan Bidard


Official selection

Hollywood International Film Festival 2021
Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival 2022
Sombra Festival 2022
Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias FICCI 2022
Oaxaca FilmFest 2022


Best Feature Film Award, Cyberdark Category, Sombra Festival 2022

Best Narrative Feature Film Award, FINDECOIN 2022

Best Caribbean Animated Feature Film, Animae Caribe 2021

Best Animation Film, Boden International Film Festival 2022

Best Feature Film Award, Oaxaca FilmFest 2022


Alan Bidard


Alan Bidard


Maud Marechal, Dawn-Lissa Mystille, Heather Mystille, Bella Nazaire, Kaori Ravi


Pagod Films

France, Martinique 2021 85 mins OV English Subtitles : French
Genre AnimationFantasy

There is a mystical kingdom, eternally blessed with life and abundance. The source of the magic that protects the realm is the young princess Opal. Legend says that her happiness ensures the land’s wonders and prosperity. Should her joy be lost and sadness take hold of her heart, darkness and ruin will blight the kingdom. A powerful spirit, the Iroko, now manifests, for there are troubling signs. The flowers are dying… magic is surely lacking. Opal desires an escape from her seemingly perfect, yet perfectly constrained, existence. But at what cost to the people of the realm? And what dire secret within the royal household drives her wish to flee?

A pioneer of independent Caribbean animation, Alain Bidard of Martinique is no stranger to Fantasia’s screens. The festival has presented his short films, his 2015 debut feature BATTLEDREAM CHRONICLE and the pilot episode of its spinoff series. This summer, we’re delighted to share Bidard’s second feature film OPAL. It’s a sumptuous, imaginative fairy tale, graced in every detail with a rich and exquisite Afro-Caribbean sensibility, and like every great fairy tale, profound psychological undercurrents, confronting childhood trauma. Bidard has long been accumulating awards for his films, which he crafts almost completely alone, but OPAL’s success on the fest circuit so far suggests he’ll need to install a new trophy shelf just for this title. A unique, mesmerizing animated fantasy for young and old alike! – Rupert Bottenberg