Diner de pauvres

Directed by Mike - Michael Ouellette, Chris - Christian Lemieux

Hosted by Directors, Christian Lemieux and Michael Ouellette.



Mike & Chris


Sarah Keïta, Vincent Rochette


Johanne Ductan-Petit, Valérie Leclair, Mahélie Lortie, Cédrick Mainville, Christiane Paillé, Marie-Sophie Roy, Jonathan Girard-Beauchemin


Gentils Films

Canada, Quebec 2022 7 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorThriller

In a dystopian society, Victoria, matriarch of a wealthy bourgeois family, invites her daughter Blanche and her husband Nelson to celebrate her daughter's birthday. In the large dining room, a Butler is on the lookout for the slightest requests from guests.

At the same time, three employees find themselves in a dark place, captive: Cath obsessed with her routine, Julie desperate for the situation and Martine confident that they will get out of it.

In the dining room, Blanche has the impression that her mother is hiding something from her about Martine, who has mysteriously disappeared. A cold silence resounds in this room where, more than ever, this society is cut in two. As madness takes over the three captives, the guests devour their dishes with appetite. Tension mounts around the table...