Canadian Premiere
Selection 2022


Directed by Vanessa Winter, Joseph Winter



Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter


Vanessa Winter, Joseph Winter


Jason K. Wixom, Melanie Stone, Joseph Winter



USA 2022 87 mins OV English
Genre HorrorComedy

"Briskly paced, wildly fun, and surprisingly smart... A bloody terrific good time”
- Kristy Puchko, MASHABLE

“A delightfully raucous splatstick horror-comedy that'll leave the midnight crowd cheering for more”

“A smart, sophisticated comedy horror that finds new ways and new media for resurrecting old ghost stories”

It’s been six months since Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) pulled a stunt on his “Wrath of Shawn” livestream that got him in legal trouble and cost him his sponsors. Now he’s aiming to make a comeback by outfitting himself with all manner of camera and computer gear, and locking himself in the haunted Pratt House for a night. The place has a tragic history involving suicide and murder, and we watch through his assorted lenses as he makes his way through the spooky rooms, waiting for something ghostly to occur. But he’s not prepared for what will happen when he finds out he’s not alone in the old place, and the house’s awful past comes back to torment him.

Demonstrating that there’s still plenty of fun and fright to be had with the found-footage format, DEADSTREAM begins as a satirical take on THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT et al. that also skewers the modern species of often insufferable on-line personalities, before hurtling full-tilt into territory more reminiscent of THE EVIL DEAD. Winter amusingly captures the narcissism of this breed of self-made “celebrity,” and the crumbling of Shawn’s cockiness once the supernatural begins making its presence known. He also created the very John Carpenter-esque music, and wrote, directed and edited DEADSTREAM with his wife Vanessa. Deftly dodging the many pitfalls of the vérité horror form, the duo spring a series of surprises on Shawn and the audience, keep the points of view varied, and successfully engage us in Shawn’s plight—even as it’s one of his own making. – Michael Gingold