Nongshim America INC

Quebec premiere
Selection 2022

The Roundup

Directed by Sang-yong Lee



Lee Sang-yong


Ma Dong-seok, Kim Min-seong, Lee Sang-yong


Ma Dong-seok, Choi Gwi-hwa, Sukku Son


Capelight pictures OHG

South Korea 2022 106 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre ThrillerComedyAction

“A confident tonal mix of grit, high polish, impressive stunts and character-based wit”
- Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

Legendary officer Ma Seok-do, the man who violently grinds up criminals first and worries about procedures too late for his superiors' liking, is about to export his indelicate techniques to Vietnam. Indeed, many expatriate thugs are defrauding Korean tourists and investors. One of the main suspects has contacted them to turn himself in for immediate repatriation. Ma and Captain Jong, supposedly an interpreter yet hiding the fact that he is about as bilingual as kimchi, meet the accused in Ho Chi Minh City and discover that a deranged gangster using cruel and gruesome methods is terrorizing even his fellow thugs. The unstoppable lawman Ma sets out to pursue this mysterious psychopath, despite the reluctance of his superior and the interdictions of the local authorities. To say that subtlety is not his strength would be an understatement, so hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

If you want to do renovations, and need some demolition done first, invite a gangster chased by Officer Ma and it will be free... very free. Completely separate from its predecessor THE OUTLAWS, a 2017 Fantasia classic, this new adventure of Detective Ma, played with all huis physical presence, charisma, and immense range by Ma Dong-seok (TRAIN TO BUSAN, ETERNALS), redoubles with non-stop action, hilarious gags, perfectly balanced violence and breathtaking suspense. With THE ROUNDUP, director Lee Sang-yong takes us back to the '90s buddy-cop movies so popular with fans of the genre, without ever pushing the nostalgia button. He offers an extremely enjoyable original work where the camerawork, choreography, and editing brilliantly capitalize on the settings where the incredible fights take place. THE ROUNDUP could well be the best action film of the year, and Ma Dong-seok proves that he has nothing to envy Stallone and Schwarzenegger. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg