World Premiere
Cheval Noir

The Harbinger

Directed by Andy Mitton

Hosted by director Andy Mitton, Executive producer Clark Freeman, Producer Richard W. King, and actors Gaby Beans, Jay Dunn, Laura Heisler, Justin Myles Walker and Cody Braverman.



Andy Mitton

Executive Producer

Cassidy Freeman, Clark Freeman


Jay Dunn, Richard W. King


Andy Mitton


Gabby Beans, Cody Braverman, Emily Davis, Ray Anthony Thomas, Myles Walker


Ludovica Isidori


Andy Mitton


Andy Mitton


One Bad Idea Films

USA 2022 86 mins OV English
Genre DramaHorrorThriller

“I can move around, but something else is making my choices.” Monique (Gabby Beans, HOUSE OF CARDS) has been quarantining with her father and brother a good distance away from town, in a bubble they’ve worked hard to maintain. One day, her oldest friend, Mavis (Emily Davis, THE PLAGIARIST), reaches out in a state of mortal fear, tormented by dreams so intense that she’s unable to wake, sleeping through alarms, sometimes laying trapped in a nightmare state for days. Monique drives into New York city to visit Mavis at her Queens apartment, in a building now racked with grief and distrust. She soon discovers that the dreams haunting her friend are contagious. Along with the demon behind them. The Harbinger. Attracted to cities through dark energies brought out by the pandemic, it visits its victims wearing a plague mask, bending the threads of reality to erase every trace of their existence. Monique is not ready to be forgotten.

Award-winning writer/director/editor/composer Andy Mitton (THE WITCH IN THE WINDOW, WE GO ON) returns with his unique brand of empathetic supernatural horror. Deeply sad, deeply scary and all-out stunning in its power to stir collective trauma bonds, THE HARBINGER bursts with occult imagination, exploring the anxieties and disorientations that the last few years have wrought upon us in ways that only Mitton could accomplish. A sort of pandemic on Elm Street with multi-pronged razors, intricately dimensioned characters and a heartbreaking central performance from Beans, it will have you simultaneously on the edge of your seat and holding back tears. Count on it haunting your dreams. – Mitch Davis