World Premiere
Cheval Noir

The Elderly (Viejos)

Directed by Raul Cerezo, Fernando Gonzalez Gomez

Hosted by Raúl Cerezo, director and writer, Fernando González Gómez, director, Ruben Sanchez Trigos, writer & Javier Trigales, writer.



Gonzalez Gomez Fernando, Cerezo Raul


Trigales Javier, Cerezo Raul, Sanchez Trigos Ruben


Salmeron Gustavo, Anula Irene, Gallego Paula, Eguileor Zorion


Aguilar Ignacio


Vadillo Eneko


Jimenez Jose Manuel



Spain 2022 95 mins OV Spanish Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorThrillerFantasy

“Forgotten, rejected, old... He belongs to that part of society which we belittle and push to one side, but now he has something to say. Ignored for far too long. Now, it’s too late.”
- Raúl Cerezo & Fernando González Gómez

Elderly Manuel’s world falls apart when Rosa, his wife of decades, suddenly commits suicide. The shock and grief are so consuming that it triggers an onset of dementia. Unable to live with checking him into an institution, his son, Mario, takes him home to live with his young family. This despite Manuel’s newfound inclinations towards sudden outbursts of violence and inexplicable behaviour that puts everyone in danger. Unbeknownst to the family, already struggling to cope with this disturbing new living situation, Manuel has also taken to cutting himself. Among… other things. An unspeakable series of paranormal happenings begin to unfold.

The sophomore feature of Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez, following their circuit hit THE PASSENGER, THE ELDERLY takes the acclaimed Spanish duo to vivid new heights. Exploring the indignities of old age as a grounded starting point, the film gradually snaps off one guardrail after another, building to a crescendo of sheer horror with imagery that can never be unseen. Cerezo and Gómez direct with controlled, creeping camera movements and an inspired use of darkness and light. Zorion Eguileor, so impressive in THE PLATFORM, shines as Manuel, playing the star-crossed widower with fearsome commitment. Coming after last year’s phenomenal ALL THE MOONS, in which Eguileor also appeared, THE ELDERLY continues Filmax’s return to top tier genre works that stand completely alone. It is a chilling new vision in Spanish horror cinema. – Mitch Davis