Japan Foundation

Canadian Premiere
Selection 2022

Ring Wandering

Directed by Masakazu Kaneko


Official selection

Warsaw Film Festival 2021
International Film Festival of India 2021
Tokyo Filmex International Film Festival 2021
Bengaluru International Film Festival 2022
Nippon Connection Film Festival 2022


Golden Peacock Award, International Film Festival of India 2021

Ecumenical Jury Commendation Award (Special Mention), Warsaw Film Festival 2021


Masakazu Kaneko


Masakazu Kaneko, Kazuhiko Konoike, Takashi Shiotsuki


Masakazu Kaneko


Show Kasamatsu, Junko Abe, Hatsunori Hasegawa, Reiko Kataoka, Ken Yasuda



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Japan 2021 104 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre DramaFantasy

Sosuke is an aspiring manga artist, though for the moment he’s stuck doing dreary labour on construction jobs in central Tokyo. He hopes to make his mark with a story about a wily old hunter and his nemesis, a Japanese wolf. Sosuke struggles to conclude his comic-book story, in part because it’s difficult to draw an animal that’s been extinct for a century. A partial canine skull he accidentally uncovers on a work site might hold the answer, so he sneaks back at night to forage for more bones. While there, he’s surprised by a distraught young woman seeking her lost dog. Midori sprains her ankle, so Sosuke agrees to give her a piggyback ride back home. They pass through the gates of a shrine, and a different Tokyo awaits Sosuke on the other side...

Starring Show Kasamatsu (the tough, tragic Sato on TOKYO VICE) alongside Junko Abe (THE BLOOD OF WOLVES, THE PRISONER OF SAKURA), the moving, gently fantastical RING WANDERING is the second feature film from Masakazu Kaneko following his award-winning THE ALBINO’S TREES in 2016. Poetic yet never precious, Kaneko weaves threads of hope and heartbreak together to create a subtle temporal möbius strip linking layered timelines. A Tokyo native, Kaneko reflects on what has lain right under his feet for so many years, offering a thoughtful remembrance for those now gone—the noble wolves wiped from the world, the countless victims of devastating wartime air raids—while charting an artist’s challenging ascent to self-affirmation. – Rupert Bottenberg