Canadian Premiere

Princesse Dragon

Directed by Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis



Jean-Jacques Denis, Anthony Roux


Anthony Roux


Lila Lacombe, Kaycie Chase, Jérémie Covillault


Pulsar Content

France 2021 74 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre AnimationFamilyFantasy

Deep in the wild forest, far from the city of the humans, a dragon jealously guards his hoarded gold in a cavernous lair. It brings him no solace, though. He alone in the forest has no children, until a wily frog-witch offers him a magical solution—with a catch. Soon three new dragons are born, one like stone, another like wind, and the third... Much to the dragon patriarch’s dismay, the last to hatch has the appearance of a human. A misfit in her family and in the forest, the dragon-girl is nonetheless cheerful and inquisitive (and perfectly capable of breathing fire). When she comes face to face with the humans’ princess, likewise a headstrong and curious young girl, a friendship begins. So do terrible problems, however, driven by greed, hatred, and the frog-witch’s curse.

A finely crafted, animated fairy tale for the contemporary family audience, PRINCESSE DRAGON is a delight for the eye that will touch the heart as well, sure to please fans of Studio Ghibli and Cartoon Saloon. Produced by French gaming/comics/animation powerhouse Ankama (with help from Montreal-based Caribara), it’s written and directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, who previously collaborated on Ankama’s 2015 DOFUS feature. Roux has said that a primary source of inspiration was classic fantasy storybook illustration of the 19th century, but tucked into the corners of this medieval flight of fancy are plenty of very modern perspectives and concerns. Brisk and thrilling, thoughtful and enchanting, PRINCESSE DRAGON is a treasure worth discovering. – Rupert Bottenberg