Canadian Premiere
My First Fantasia

Penguin and whale

Directed by Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Roldan


Official selection

Quirino Awards 2021
Clio Awards 2021
Animatricks International Animation Festival 2021


4 Quirino Awards, Ibero-American Animation (nominated); 02/2021; Spain

Clio Awards (Bronze: design Craft), 04/2021, USA

Florida Animation Festival (Special Mention), 06/2021, US

10 Ojo al Piojo, Children Film Festival (Special Mention: RAFMA Award), 08/2021, Argentina

Gödöllo International Nature Film Festival (3rd Place), 09/2021, Hungary

FAM, Florianopolis Audiovisual Mercosul (Best short film for children), 09/2021, Brazil

ZINETXIKI ZINEMALDIA, International Festival for Children & Youth (Best Short Film +7), 12/2021, Spain

Cactus International Children's and Youth Film Festival (Best short film +3), 05/2022, Italy

El Ojo Iluso, International Animation Festival (Best Commissioned film), 05/2022, Venezuela


Ezequiel Torres


Wang Akae, Zou Zita


FilmsToFestivals Distribution Agency

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Armenia 2020 3 mins OV - Without dialogue
Genre DramaAnimationFamily

A little Penguin is visited by his friend Whale every year, until one day the Penguin has almost nowhere to go: the Glaciers have melted due to the extreme global warming that increases every year. The Whale begins its journey in search of a glacier where his friend Penguin can live, but day after day, the heat prevents him from arriving in time with the solution. Perhaps, by working as a team with other animals, he can achieve his mission.