Canadian Premiere

Deiji Meets Girl

Directed by Ushio Taizawa

Japan 2022 19 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre ComedyAnimationFantasyRomance

It’s summer in Okinawa and teenager Maise Higa is spending much of it working the reception desk at her family's hotel. The sunny days pass uneventfully—until the arrival of Ichiro Suzuki, a mysterious guest from Tokyo about Maise’s age. Strange phenomena, spectacular impossibilities of nature, begin to occur almost immediately.

In 2021, Fantasia’s closing-night audience was the first in the world to get a brief taste of DEIJI MEETS GIRL, the charming anime micro-series directed by Ushio Tazawa, a veteran of numerous Makoto Shinkai films. As promised at the time, DEIJI MEETS GIRL returns to Fantasia this summer as a complete series, its 90-second episodes bundled together and bursting with fantastical, tropically twisted fun! – Rupert Bottenberg