Nongshim America INC

North American premiere
Camera Lucida


Directed by Seo-jin YOON

Hosted by Director, Yoon Seo-jin.


Official selection

Busan International Film Festival 2021


Yoon Seo-jin

Executive Producer

Yoon Seo-jin


Ji-eun LEE


Yoon Seo-jin


Kang Gil-woo, Kim Min-kyung, Lee Tae-hoon


Kyeoung-yeob CHOO

Sound Designer

Nam-gyu HA


Nagashima Hiroyuki


Hak-min LEE


M-Line Distribution

South Korea 2021 89 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

Chorokbam... “Green night.” The night of envy. Or is it fate? A night guard discovers a dead cat hanging by its neck during one of his shifts. As if struck by a vision of things to come, a bad omen, his familial life starts crumbling. His overworked wife grows further exasperated and a son, working as social worker, barely makes ends meet. As if cursed, or predetermined, the further death of a relative begins unraveling buried family secrets.

Winner of the CGV Arthouse Award at the latest Busan International Film Festival and perhaps best described as an existential horror film by way of “slow cinema” reminiscent of masters such as Tsai Ming Liang and Roy Andersson, Yoon Seo-jin’s deliberate debut CHOROKBAM is a stunning family snapshot that turns the month-to-month life of an ordinary family into an injustice of nearly cosmic proportions. Parable for a vanishing middle class, perhaps, or a simply cathartic vision of doom, Yoon’s slow-burner tour-de-force is suffused with a foreboding, suffocating atmosphere of dread and a disquieting sense of mise-en-scène—amounting to a potent visualization of anxiety, grief, and depression as it permeates and obliterates one’s worldview. Yet it is also a rare, macabre movie that finds, in its heart, the ability to be overwhelmingly beautiful, every single frame a revelatory experience for those willing to look into its dark abyss. – Ariel Esteban Cayer