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Oh Seo-ro

The happenings of someone's nostrils.

South Korea 6 mins


Lee Bo-reum

Lonely baby owl On approaches friends with greetings, but they all avoid him because of his constant sneezing.

South Korea 4 mins

Across the Wind

Hong JunPyo

Ho-young, 28 years old, is a college graduate and a wanna-be cartoonist. He has anxiety and fear about his vague future. He wanders, feeling confused.

South Korea 7 mins

Alien Farmer

Lee Yong-wook

A round-shaped alien makes an emergency landing in the yard of an Earthling farmer.

South Korea 10 mins

Amen a Man

Kyeong bae Kim

An old man is on trial for the murder of a mountain bird. To examine the case, the judge peers into the old man's memory.

South Korea 13 mins

The Animal Book

Cho Hyuna, Kim Sujeong

As the driver dozes off at the wheel, his car strikes and kills a lot of animals. A lot of species of animals, from many different habitats.

South Korea 5 mins


Lee Jui

On a peaceful night, a robber breaks into an apartment where a woman lives alone.

South Korea 4 mins


Han Yerin, Dang Heejin

A girl wakes up alone in an unfamiliar world. The girl chases after a balloon to catch her last memory.

South Korea 3 mins

Be Big

Jeon Da-young, Kim Min-gyung, Han Seo-a

The story of a tiny monster named Geomdaeng, struggling to be checked in for school attendance.

South Korea 4 mins

Carnivorous Bean Sprout

Seo Saerom

A black comedy about a strange, unidentifiable creature that satisfies the desires of those who seek fear for sheer pleasure.

South Korea 5 mins

My Child

KIm Hyunjoo

Though Mother does her best to bring her child up, her child who never grows up enough to survive will be left alone.

South Korea 11 mins

Chun Tae-il: A Flame That Lives On

Jun-pyo HONG

A tragic hero of South Korea’s labour movement is honoured with this emotionally charged, visually splendid animated drama.

South Korea 99 mins

The Death Vendor

Jinkyu Jeon

A boy encounters a street vendor who sells chicks. Even the boy knows these birds will die very soon. To his eyes, the man is selling nothing other than death itself.

South Korea 6 mins

The Dream Eater

Jo Min-jeong

The story of a little girl having nightmares and a monster only eats happy dreams.

South Korea 11 mins

Fiddlehead Rain

Yoo Ye-jin, Lim Hyeon-ji, Kang Jeon-Yun

Lily teaches Po about the world above, and they promise to go up together.

South Korea 8 mins

The First Class

Kim Myung-eun

Just survive, and you'll be first-class.

South Korea 4 mins

Fox Boy

Tak Do-Yeon

A little boy confined to his room meets another boy wearing a fox mask, and follows him outside into a deep forest full of secrets.

South Korea 12 mins


Park Jee-youn

In the boredom of life, they became ghosts. The crows are after them.

South Korea 10 mins

Goodbye, Drama!

Min Ji-hye

A poetic film of love, solitude, and emotional independence.

South Korea 7 mins

Great Hand and the Bulgasari

Kim Minhye

Two young girls who were discriminated against due to low social standing turn into the Bulgasari (Iron-Eating Monster) and bite fingers off the Great Hand.

South Korea 6 mins

Green Light

Kim Seongmin

With the ecosystem destroyed after a nuclear war, Mari, a survivor, does all she can to rebuild.

South Korea 16 mins

The House of Loss

Jeon Jinkyu

The elderly at a nursing home have their heads shaved. The protagonist who works there sees them, but can't read their expressions.

South Korea 10 mins

Incomplete Woman

Huh Su-young

A woman’s lower body and left hand take to the road in search of the others that had left, for the reason that they hated each other so much

South Korea 10 mins


Oh Ji-hyeon

A woman remembers her former boyfriends in images of animals.

South Korea 5 mins