Selection 2022

Small Gauge Trauma 2022

128 mins 9 films Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, USA, France
Wed July 27, 2022
9:30 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

Fantasia’s annual showcase of bold, auteur genre visions returns with nine unforgettable works from five countries that will positively floor you. – Mitch Davis


Sam Rudykoff

With sweat-soaked skin, in a state of mortal fear, a man is forced to make lame telemarketing calls to strangers.

Canada 7 mins

Good Boy

Eros V

Not everyone can be a dog sitter. A young woman learns this the hard way when the tiny Pomeranian she’s hired to watch reveals itself to be a deranged (and resourceful!) murder junkie.

United Kingdom 9 mins


Chelsea Lupkin

Abandoned on the street by her boyfriend in the dead of night, a woman picks a scooter up off the sidewalk and rides towards her destiny.

USA 12 mins


Sean Addo

Tackling the psychological side of ancestry testing, Ghanaian-American filmmaker Sean Addo has crafted a different kind of ghost story

USA 15 mins


Stephen Kang

Twelve-year-old Jaehee has an unexplainable gift for connecting with the interior energies of others.

New Zealand 13 mins


Frank Van den Bogaart

When her father goes missing, young Rena enters the woods to seek out a mythological creature believed to collect the stories of dying beings.

Belgium, Netherlands 16 mins

I Call Upon Thee

Michael Anthony Kratochvil

Two young sisters in an unhappy home perform an incantation to summon… something… anything, in the hopes of bettering their circumstances.

Australia 14 mins


Rod Blackhurst

At a remote house, two sisters are suddenly under attack by their mother, who has inexplicably fallen into a bloodthirsty state of madness.

USA 10 mins

Lucienne in a World without Solitude

Geordy Couturiau

Everyone exists without solitude—largely because they’re always accompanied by a sibling double of themselves.

France 31 mins


Wed July 27, 2022
9:30 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève