Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

Of Monsters and Humans

105 mins 12 films Canada, Quebec, Mexico
Sat July 23, 2022
9:00 PM

Cinéma du Musée

Our selection of Quebec horror films, which shows the great diversity of talent here. Sometimes we take you on an almost poetic journey of horror, and other times we give you monsters and blood as only Fantasia can! – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg


Alexandre Carrière

Skoffin, a kind and handsome sentient humanoid, tries to impress his date by recounting his latest human encounter.

Quebec 9 mins

Nos cendres

Marie-Claude Béchard

Canada, Quebec 12 mins


Emily Chan

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Pour emporter

Éloi Baril

Emma, a young waitress victim of domestic violence, is about to close when a customer in his fifties walks in, accompanied by a young girl.

Quebec 18 mins

Not Another Serial Killer

Angela Goulene, Alessandro Russotti

Meet Tessa Fey. She’s cute, smart… there’s just one tiny problem – every guy she attracts is a serial killer!

Canada, Quebec 9 mins


Antony Boudreau Savoie

An elderly woman lives alone in the woods. A hunter and taxidermist, she has no idea that nature is coming to take back its rights. Will she be able to defeat the forest?

Quebec 10 mins

Lucine et Balthazar

Angeline Beaulieu

A witch makes a spell in front of her terrified frog.

Quebec 1 mins


Gabriel Miron

Late on Halloween night, a girl is harassed by young trick-or-treaters with a sinister agenda.

Quebec 13 mins


Geneviève Dunn, Étienne Destroismaisons

A farmer is awakened in the middle of the night by the barking of his dog.

Canada 7 mins

The Wanderer

Nebojsa Kovacevic

Canada, Quebec 11 mins

Smiley Face

François Ricard-Sheard

Three young women experience the nightmare of being devoured by a humanoid creature.

Canada, Quebec 9 mins

La Melodía Torrencial

Jose Luis Saturno

A man capable of summoning rain with the music of his accordion gives hope to a village suffering a long drought.

Canada, Quebec, Mexico 7 mins


Sat July 23, 2022
9:00 PM

Cinéma du Musée