Cavalcade of Perversions

Cavalcade of Perversions: I’m So Beautiful!

113 mins 9 films Taiwan, Sudan, Qatar, United Kingdom, Scotland, USA, France
Fri July 22, 2022
4:00 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

The Cavalcade continues! These filmmakers have perverted the cinematic language! They have deconstructed Cinema as we know it... and they’re proud of it! Even better than heroin! Come and see for yourself these "little pieces of filth"!

Care to look into the mirror? Or maybe fall on the other side of it? “I’M! SO! BEAUTIFUL! You gotta believe it, I am beautiful!” Self-image from the darkest narcissistic obsession to the most positive message of identity acceptance, and everything in between!

Who is the self(ie)? Ask Suzannah Mirghani’s VIRTUAL VOICE! Up high or down below? Rachel Maclean’s UPSIDE MIMI IWIW NMO? is the cutest Alice on her wonder-socials, while Yace Sula’s ELE OF THE DARK searchs for answers through their darkness and queerness. In the meantime, SXSW 2022 winner Erich Rettstadt’s TANK FAIRY will teach your kids to be fierce and sparkly, while Léahn Vivier-Chapas’ THE BOOB FAIRY will teach them to behave… if they want big boobies when they grow up! Alexis Langlois’ THE DEMONS OF DOROTHY will take the grown-ups to the land of Russ Meyer inspired bikers and emerald botox. A facade can be helpful indeed in Matthew Van Gessel’s WE WANT FACES SO BAD! Though beware of Adam Wilder & Nicole Daddona’s THE FACE SNATCHER! We’ll be cultivating our outer appearance with aerobic and psychedelics in Sam Fox’ BAD ACID, singing our insecurities with Yann Gonzalez’s HIDEOUS, only to find out that we’re all beautiful! – Celia Pouzet

Bad Acid

Sam Fox

Sheila is a self-obsessed aerobics fanatic who accidentally ingests some toxic hair gel while doing her usual morning workout.

USA 7 mins


Yann Gonzalez

Popstar Oliver Sim is the main guest of a talk-show that soon slides into a surreal journey of love, shame and blood. A three-part musical short.

United Kingdom 22 mins

Tank Fairy

Erich Rettstadt

The magical Tank Fairy upends the life of Jojo, a lonely ten-year-old who dreams of dancing and drag.

USA, Taiwan 10 mins

Ele of the Dark

Yace Sula

A nonbinary visual artist contemplates their relationship with darkness and its hold on their complexion, trauma and queerness.

USA 13 mins

Virtual Voice

Suzannah Mirghani

Suzi is the (virtual) voice of her generation.

Sudan, Qatar 7 mins

Upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop

Rachel Maclean

Lost in a dark fairy tale forest, Mimi picks up a magical mirror and sings to her reflection: ‘mirror, mirror in my hand, who’s the cutest in the land?’.

United Kingdom, Scotland 12 mins

The Face Snatcher

Adam Wilder, Nicole Daddona

A rejected beauty queen does whatever they can to win the Miss Christmas, Florida pageant.

USA 3 mins

We Want Faces So Bad

Matthew Van Gessel

In a world where some people have faces and some people don’t, a group of determined faceless young women meet every night in a witchy ritual to ‘manifest faces.’

USA 11 mins

The Demons of Dorothy

Alexis Langlois

Dorothy's a film director who's producer is pressuring her to make mainstream films. To cheer herself up, Dorothy seeks comfort in her favourite TV show Romy the Vampire Slayer.

France 29 mins


Fri July 22, 2022
4:00 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève